Need more hockey? The Premier Hockey Federation is here to help!

We are about a month into the NHL season, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want MORE hockey. In fact, I don’t think there is such a thing as too much hockey. If you feel the same way, let me introduce you to the Premier Hockey Federation which opens it’s 7th season this Saturday, Nov 6.

The Premier Hockey Federation (formerly known as the National Women’s Hockey League) is an all-female professional hockey league consisting of 6 teams. As the league is entering it’s 7th season, not only did it have a rebranding, but it also signed a deal that allows all games to be streamed and available on ESPN+. If you’re reading this and rolling your eyes about an all-female professional hockey league, and/or joking about how there is ONLY 6 teams in the league, honestly…. you’re part of the problem. While I’m not saying the PHF is better than the NHL, I will say that there are A TON of elite female college hockey players (even a few from colleges around me) who play in this league. In addition, hockey (just like all sports) should be open to all individuals and those leagues/players should be supported.

I wouldn’t be writing this article if I didn’t believe in what I’m saying. Last year I stumbled on the PHF (then NWHL) by chance during the pandemic, it hooked me immediately. Not only did I watch at least one game every time it was on (they streamed them on twitch), but I bought a cut out to be placed in Lake Placid during their tournament. The PHF social media is pretty fun to follow to, both at a league and individual team levels. As a person that is always looking to support local and expand sports, the PHF has a special place in my heart and enjoyment of hockey. I encourage you to at least watch one game.

Premier Hockey Federation Teams:

  • Connecticut Whales
  • Metropolitan Riveters
  • Boston Pride
  • Buffalo Beauts
  • Minnesota Whitecaps
  • Toronto Six

Team Quick Notes:

Two of these teams (Boston and Minnesota) have partners with the NHL team the share the city with.

Toronto (which became a franchise last year) and Connecticut are the only teams who haven’t won the Isobel Cup.

The Isobel Cup is named after Lady Isobel Gathorne-Hardy (the daughter of Fredrick Stanley whose name is how we got the Stanley Cup)


The games are played essentially every Saturday and Sunday. However key dates are:

  • PHF Opener: Saturday Nov 6, 2pm EDT (Connecticut vs Metropolitan)
  • Outdoor game: Monday, Feb 21, 3pm EST (Toronto vs Buffalo)
  • Last regular season games: Sunday, Mar 13.

For more information about the Premier Hockey Federation, please visit

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