Live Blog: Sabres Game Night

In honesty, we haven’t been to a Sabres game since the home opener against the Devils in 2019. A stunning 7-2 win. Gold logo uniforms. T-shirt giveaway (why are they always XL? Who actually gets to wear those?). Taylor Hall getting absolutely rocked by Jake McCabe. But, tonight my wife and I return to Key Bank Arena to see a completely different team.

First stop, drop off the kids with my mom in First Ward. Hey they are having Irish Dance at the Heritage Center.

Second stop, dinner at Hydraulic Heath. After some some debate: house made mozzarella sticks, the Burratta and Apple Binca pizzas. We both go cocktail. The Root and Aperol Spritz.

The drinks and food are amazing. Chatted with the bartender. We are the only ones wearing Sabres gear so he asked if are going to the game. Says he hasn’t been following the team for a while.

5:23 PM: Two more people in Sabres shirts just walked in.

6:00 PM: We are downtown now at Southern Tier (formerly 716). One block from the arena and the place is packed with hockey fans. 85/15 Sabres to Red Wings fans.

6:56 PM: This hype video is 🔥.

7:00 PM: There is no one here.

7:09 PM: Welp…

After 1: Not bad overall. 72 was the best in blue. Teams look evenly

8:19: Like I said, 72 has been the best in blue tonight. Nice work to start the play and good positioning to finish it.

8:23: 26 looked like he really needed that goal. He knows he’s struggling and he cares a hell of a lot.

After 2: Looking good here. Controlled play in the second.

13:52 to go in third: R2 with the strong finish. This is looking good. Outplayed a weak opponent. Good.

6:32 to go in third: Welp. Ok just hang on here.

A minute thirty later: What the eff, man. 26 cannot get walked by anyone let alone this guy. Giving up the game-tying goal when they should be cruising to victory. I care less about the tie score and more that it was our 1 OA #26 getting dangled and scored on. Damnit!!!

Wow. Ugly start to OT. 26 doing too much.


Don’t. Just. Why?

Ughhh. Oh yeah this is what the year was supposed to be like.

At least it was a fun night. The arena was empty. Like maybe 3,000 there. Half the beer vendors were closed. The ones that were open were bored.

It was a decent effort for most of the game. The lapse at the end ruined an otherwise solid performance. Something is wrong with 26. He is pressing badly. Trying to carry a team from 1 LD is tough. He needs to just focus on getting himself right.

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