The Blues Bring up Hobey Baker Award Winner Scott Perunovich

Following an emotional overtime loss against the mustard cats the Blues drop the next two in regulation. The Blues had a lead in every single game this season until Saturday’s matchup against the Hurricanes. The Canes scored the first two goals and the Blues were storm chasing the rest of the game. The power play was able to stay hot as Pavel Buchnevich scored from a nasty Robert Thomas feed off the Kyrou rebound.

Robert Thomas has been playing out of his mind! Putting up Connor McDavid numbers and Thomas the TANK engine doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Seven assists in his last THREE games Robert Thomas is COOKING!

The Blues power play is ranked 2nd in the league only behind the Edmonton Oilers. The Oilers lead the league in power plays at 41.9% followed by the Blues at 32.4% and then Fink’s Stars at 29.4%. The Blues had the number two penalty kill going into the Hurricanes game but allowed two goals in the last two games dropping them from 89% to 85.4%. For the non analytics people these numbers are VERY good. Holding the leagues top two teams to a power play goal each is quite impressive.

The Blues drop two in a row so what is the answer? Bring up last year’s Hobey Baker Award Winner who has 20 points in 12 games with the Springfield Thunderbirds. Ladies and Gentleman it is time for Scott Perunovich to make his NHL debut.

Last blog I mentioned Perunovich could make his debut soon and what do you know two games later he gets the call. Many Blues fans are excited as his NHL debut has been anxiously anticipated. Bringing up the rookie while Joel Hofer, Dakota Joshua and Calle Rosen are sent back down means Sunny could make his season debut next game. Or one of the three guys in covid protocol are coming back. Either way this is another good sign for the Blues. Despite losing the last two in regulation things are looking up for St. Louis hockey fans.

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