World Juniors (super)Early (over)Reactions- Red Wings Edition

The World Junior Championship are underway and the Detroit Red Wings are well represented, with 8 prospects on 5 teams. These Juniors tournaments, like this one and U18s, are great because you get a chance to see players from across the pond and in leagues that you wouldn’t normally see.

Player on Finland

Eemil Viro (D)
2020 Draft- 3rd Round Pick
Another good young defensemen. Sitting here watching the second game against Austria. He had some nice breakouts, looks to be a confident puck handler, heck of a wrist shot from the blueline. I want to see more of this kid. Haven’t heard his name much, quietly goes about his business with solid play. 17:21 of ice time, 3 shots, +1. Not so bad.
Up and down the roster, Finland’s got a good team.. easily a favorite to medal.

Player on Team Czechia

Jan Bednar (G)

2020 Draft- 4th Round Pick
1st start against Germany.
After only facing 6 shots in the first period, the German shots and opportunities sharply increased. And he held his own. Czechia ran into a wall of a German tendy. Bednar played well, poised, made some solid saves, stopped 21 out of the 22 shots he faced. Gives up a goal that was not great in OT and gets the L. Sadness.

Players on Team Sweden

Simon Edvinsson (D)
2021 Draft – 1st Pick (6th overall)
Red Wings fans always pay close attention to Swedish teams as so many well loved Wings are Swedish; Henrik Zetterberg, Tomas Holmstrom, Niklas Kronwall, Johan Franzen.. probably am forgetting someone.. Lucas Raymond. The Perfect Human goes without saying…. (Nicklas Lidstrom) What was I talking about?

Edvinsson was dominate against Russia, or ..the Russian junior team that happens to come from Russia.. or whatever they’re calling themselves. Yes, excited for another Swedish defensemen. 1 goal, 2 assists. Good speed, passing/set-up ability, solid wrist shot, and a smart player. Can’t wait to see this guy on a D pairing with Moritz Seider.

Edvinsson with the shorty… and it’s 2 assists.

Theodore Niederbach (F)
2020 Draft- 2nd Round Pick
Played well in his own right against the Russian team from Russia. 1 goal on 2 shots. +2. Getting his goal on a play started by Edvinsson in their own zone. Niederbach’s goal turned out to insurance goal/dagger.

In the pre-tournament game (I know, nothing matters in the pre-tournament), Niederbach added 1 goal and 1 assist. The Swedes are rolling teams and this guy will put up points. Right on cue.. PP goal against Slovakia.

Players on Team USA

Carter Mazur (F)
2021 Draft- 3rd Round Pick
Love this guy. Favorite kind of player; skilled and scrappy. 5 shots in the game against Slovakia and I’m pretty sure he killed a guy.

He definitely got robbed and was left looking for answers in the rafters when he left all alone with the goalie and denied. That, and any kind of scrum, he was usually in the middle of it. Love to see it.


Red Savage (F)
2021 Draft- 4 Round Pick
Savage played up to his name. End of the pre-tournament game (I know, nothing matters in the pre-tournament), the US had a 3-1 lead and then he committed a costly/bone-headed penalty. Left his feet, hit a player in the face, which is frowned upon. The Finns proceeded to score 2 goals and tie the game, and then win it in OT.
He was quiet in the first real game of the tourney against Slovakia. Just over 11 minutes of ice time, no shots.

Players on Team Canada

Donovan Sebrango (D)
2020 Draft- 3rd Round Pick
Canada is a wagon… also water is wet. No doubt they will walk out of this tournament with either a gold or silver. They are stacked from top to bottom. I will try not to mention the Michigan Wolverines that are completely lighting up the scoresheet. No need to talk about Owen Power getting the first hat trick by a defensemen in the history of their team in the juniors tournament.. Go Blue.. There got it in, what was I talking about again?

Grand Rapids Griffin Donovan Sebrango, scored the game tying goal in Canada’s first game yesterday. Yes, Wings fans were definitely sitting pretty on boxing day watching draft picks roll.

Sebastian Cossa (G)
2021 Draft – 1st Round Pick
I want to see this guy start. Reading over twitter, he looks hilarious. Any goalie that is proud of his ability to chirp, should be starting. And 1st round pick, I want to see what he’s capable of. I haven’t seen him play for the Oil Kings, but seems well favored and hyped among the 3 Canadian goaltenders, which has looked suspect at times. But when your team scores 10, you can give up 9. He did give up 2 in relief in the pre-tournament game but you know what they say about pre-tournament games…

These tournaments are fun. Another chance to put out the game out there. Smaller countries that are still building the sport and leagues get a chance to showcase their best and grow the game…. Speaking of growing the game, wasn’t there supposed to be a Women’s U18 World Junior’s Tournament in Sweden starting the 8th? ..the IIHF screwed up again. Way to support the Women’s game. Trash. Figure it out.

LET THEM PLAY… Figure it out.

Author: AP Mazza

Red Wings writer for The Morning Skate. LGRW!

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