The Beach Boys With Another Winter Classic

Welcome back to another successful Winter Classic, this time in the frozen state of hockey. -5.7 degrees Fahrenheit and the temperature continued to drop making this the coldest hockey game in NHL history. If the Blues don’t win it’s not a show… make it 2-0!

Jordan Kyrou sets a new Winter Classic record after scoring two goals and two assists all coming in the second period. Not only was it The Jordan Kyrou Show but the Blues pulled the unthinkable showing up in socks and sandals. Many people might criticize the move, but I personally am an advocate of socks and sandals. If you got birkenstocks you gotta wear funky socks.

Let’s not forget about how good Chief looked in that jacket! This Winter Classic jacket is a thing of beauty…Everybody talking about the threads but really the coaches jackets are the clear winner. A couple days before the coldest game ever, Craig Berube became the 7th coach in NHL history to get to 200 wins and play in over 1,000 games. Congrats Chief!!!!!!!!!!

Brayden Schenn was listed as a game time decision he should be back for Wednesday’s tilt with the Penguins. Assistant Mike Van Ryn missed the game after being put in covid protocol. Jim Montgomery took his spot behind the bench as you can see in the photo above. Robert Bortuzzo and Dakota Joshua did not make the trip to Minnesota. Schenn didn’t get to warm up on the ice but I’m sure he was warm in Bortuzzo’s jersey. James Neal was put on waivers the following day.

Nice cameo from Brayden Schenn

Lastly, below are more of my favorite tweets from this year’s Winter Classic. Happy 2022!

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