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Your Northeastern Huskies traveled a little over a mile to take on their rival BU Terriers at Walter Brown Arena this afternoon. With the amount of hockey shutdowns that we’ve all had to endure, it was great to see a matinee tilt between these two historic rivals. That’s the beauty of living and playing here in the Hub of Hockey. Some phone calls with open sheets available and all of a sudden you got a game. Not that easy to re-schedule up in the wilds of Orono or Burlington.

In the opening minutes BU carried the play while the Huskies looked like they were still warming up to the task. All-world goalie Aerin Frankel had to be sharp as an early BU push saw her have to hold the post against a number of Terriers. Katy Knoll had the sharpest play of the early going when she got her stick knocked loose (no call from Stripes) but she made made sure to get in front of the shooter for the blocked shot. That’s all heart: nothing gets the bench going more than blocked shots. Ferda girls.

Chloé Aurard got the Huskies on the board when she beat Kate Stuart glove side as a BU power play expired. This play was all Aurard as she picked the puck clean off a Terrier’s blade in the NU zone and carried the puck through neutral ice and into the BU end. Skating left and shooting right she wrong-footed Stuart to open the scoring.

Originally tweeted by Northeastern Women’s Hockey (@GoNUwhockey) on January 15, 2022.

Lacey Martin got the equalizer for the Terriers when she beat Frankel from the top of the LW circle as bodies were tumbling in front of (and possibly impeding) Frankel. I was surprised there was no whistle on the play (a theme that would continue throughout the game) but I can assure you that when Frankel took off her helmet it was NOT to salute the shot that got by her no matter what the announcers on the feed insisted. And people call Jack Edwards a homer.

Northeastern had two sparkling opportunities to regain the lead later in the period on the power play, but Stuart was strong post to post. First denying Katy Knoll and then Skylar Fontaine on subsequent attempts. The Huskies were without Maureen Murphy today and you could see the difference without #21 out there on special teams.

The teams entered the middle period tied at 1 until Mia Brown got the GWG on the power play. You can score that PP-GWG for those following along at home. Andrea Renner sidestepped a Terrier defender a stride into the BU zone and ladled a perfect pass over to Brown skating into the slot. With a few quick strides to the top of the RW circle Brown beat Stuart over the glove and it was all over except for the clock. Shoutout from one Brownie to another.

Originally tweeted by Northeastern Women’s Hockey (@GoNUwhockey) on January 15, 2022.

The Huskies looked like they were working the power play drill for most of the 2nd period as BU could only hope to get the puck out of their zone before the Huskies re-grouped and attacked again. Tessa Ward set the tone for the remainder of the game when she shouldered a Terrier to the ground in front of the BU bench. Can’t get called for checking when you’re the puck carrier I guess. I mean it wasn’t exactly John Wensick challenging the MIN Stars bench, but definitely message sent and received. Why be the nail when you can be the hammer?

In the third it was more of the same. Stripes must have wanted to get home to see the Pats play as they turned a blind eye to some serious infractions. I mean Aurard got hauled down by her collar early in the third with no call and I don’t see how they can eliminate horse collar tackles in the NFL but it’s okay in NCAA Women’s hockey? But I digress.

Absolutely Filthy Wheels

Swiss Olympian Alina Müeller (who was rocking some sick wheels) put the dagger in the Terriers when she finished off a Peyton Anderson feed to put the Huskies back up by a pair. Aurard gathered the puck in the NU zone and found Anderson in the neutral who carried the puck into the BU end. With her head up the junior found Müeller driving the net and laid it cross-slot perfectly. With a quick inside outside move Müeller beat Stuart 5-hold and that was that.

Originally tweeted by Northeastern Women’s Hockey (@GoNUwhockey) on January 15, 2022.

As the game wound down it had the feel of a home game thanks to the NU Pep Band being on hand for the matinee. The Huskies head home without losing a game since October and get ready to take on the BC Eagles on Tuesday. #HowlinHuskies

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