Detroit Wins 2 Straight and somewhat coherent ranting.

My internet works well enough to stream the game but not well enough to load the WordPress website… so channelling a younger generation and putting my thumbs to use. (Autocorrect gods be good)

Back to Back Wins In Back to Back Nights!

It’s been a minute but Detroit has beat some good to decent teams in back to back nights. The Boston game was so huge, that’s a good team that has been rolling for a while now. To come back from 2-0, taking a lead into the 3rd period and holding off the push. With Winnipeg, they faced a desperate team. The Wings controlled the play for most of the game. After the Jets had a goal called back due to the play being offsides, there weren’t many more chances for them. Detroit won the third, recurring theme eh? Rasmussen says hot, gives the team the lead, and the team closed it out. Greiss and Nedeljkovic both get wins. Good stuff.

More Fun When The Team Is Winning.. Also Water is Wet.

Sort of a captain obvious statement but everything is more fun when the team is winning. With wins coming in few and far between, it can get rough in and out of the arena.

With the team struggling, there’s the “fire the coach” or the “Fire Jeff Blashill” crowd. Since that 10-7 clusterf*^k against Toronto, the team hasn’t seemed right. Lines being juggled, looking for that adjustment, that sweet spot, the best way to spread the points for multiple producing and consistent lines.. and it hasn’t quite been there.

The story has been pretty much the same game to game. Weak defense/inconsistent goaltending, inability to close out games and win the third period. Yes, the Eastern Conference, especially the Atlantic division, from the top down is pretty much an absolute buzzsaw. Florida Panthers, Tampa Bay Lightning, Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins all in the division so the opponents and schedule has been brutal.

With that being said, there have been games where it was over after the first period; tip your hat, grab your stick and thanks for coming out.. sometimes against teams that definitely should not be opponents that should be lighting the team up. Or literally puck drop, game starts and the Wings are down within a few minutes. But so many times, the Red Wings go into the third.. down by 1, tied, or even with the lead and can’t close it out. Is that on the coach? Eh maybe a bit, but also a team still rebuilding. A team not quite there yet, talent-wise.

The Woo-ing at LCA. After scoring, I like it. The Nature Boy, classic but not the most original.. but it’s not so bad. Sometimes people randomly let a random “woo” and it echoes around the arena… honestly, if the team was winning, would this bother anyone? Let people have fun and take your negativity elsewhere, like Chicago, they suck.

In Detroit, fans are excitable. The Lions start the season 2-0, and we’re talking playoffs. 3-0, Super Bowl Champs.. The Red Wings in the first half of the season, had all of us ready to go, especially seeing the graphics of Detroit holding the second wild card slot, minus the fact that they had 5 games in hand on Boston or whatever it was. Pretty little daydream but not really reality.

The team still in the rebuild. The Yzerplan is still coming together, there is still work being done. Day and night since last year, there has been so much improvement. Regardless of how the team finishes, fans are going to feel good going into next season. With the talent coming through, and the draft picks available to deal and/or development. Be patient.. and alcohol helps.

Moritz Seider Is Good

Last night against Boston, Seider ticked his 40th assist of the season. I know, with the rookies, it seems like everything they do is “this hasn’t happened for XX years” or “first Red Wings rookie to do this since Nicklas Lidstrom and/or Steve Yzerman.” Don’t worry, this is no different. Seider’s apple last night, marked the second time a rookie has hit 40+ assists in a season in the last 25 years. I will acknowledge that the stats department for Bally Sports Detroit and every other network that has covered the Wings this season has been completely on point all year but how lucky are Detroit fans to be able to watch Lucas Raymond and Moritz Seider every night. They are not just looking for the random “it’s been raining for every other second Tuesday, every other month for the last 7 every other years” obscure facts. These guys are making noise on the ice, producing, racking up serious quality ice time, and being key parts of the Wings offense with very little of the rookie roller coaster that can come through a season. And next year, Simon Edvinsson may bring the same amount of excitement.. who knows what the big surprise will be for this team.

That’s part of the fun, sitting here watching this team improve and build, and see what’s brewing. Enjoy the highs, LGRW!

And it’s Moritz’s birthday!!

Author: AP Mazza

Red Wings writer for The Morning Skate. LGRW!

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