Game 5: Capital CHOKE-JOB!

You know how you know you’re in trouble as a kid when one of your parents say ” I’m not mad I’m just disappointed!” Whelp that’s exactly how I feel this morning. You simply CANNOT give up FIVE UNANSWERED GOALS!!!

With the Caps losing 3-5 they are now down in the series 3-2 and now are in a must win situation Friday night in D.C..

My confidence couldn’t have been higher for the majority of the first and second period of this game with another TJ Oshie goal off a majestic tip job to get the boys off to a hot start which he has easily been our MVP this series no question.

Then we got another goal from Justin Schultz off a gritty battle for the loose puck in-front of the Panthers tendy which just continued to increase that momentum for the Caps.

Then who else but TJ Oshie again on a nice tic tac pass for Kuzy and absolute snipe job by TJ to give the Caps a 3-0. Man I was sitting pretty being able to exhale a little already thinking man we can clinch in D.C. before I could even get that sentence out of my head it was over.

Florida would then come back from the dead and respond with three straight goals in the second period to tie it up and it happen so fast if you went to restroom our lead was gone. No joke I legit went to get the mail for about 5 minutes and came back and we were tied I was dumbfounded, did our guys controllers run out of batteries or something?!

The Caps played some of their best hockey I’ve seen in a minute in that first and early in the second period then Florida literally just sucked all the momentum from us in one swift breathe!

One thing of note that I noticed was the Caps aren’t throwing their bodies in-front of shots like you’re suppose to its the god damn playoffs sacrifice the body get in-front of shots.

During the Florida comeback the Caps seemed disinterested especially on the goal that tied it at 3-3. FIVE Capital’s players were in-front of Sammy and allowed them to get the puck passed him that is some beer league bullshit that happens this is the NHL clear the damn puck!

Marcus Johansson has been playing his balls off this series but just can’t get that “puck luck” for example that rap-around attempt he had he missed by a inch and he had a couple other great chances that couldn’t find the back of the net which who knows if those go in the momentum changes in the Caps favor.

Ilya Samsonov was not the reason we lost this game he honestly played his ass off our defense and lack luster effort was the main cause of this pathetic collapse.

Must win Game 6 is on Friday in D.C., its win or go home and start working on that golf game. Anything can happen in a Game 7 so lets survive till then!

Author: Disco

Rock The Red #ALLCAPS

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