Stars Fans, relax. DeBoer is not that bad…right?

When the news leaked that the Dallas Stars may be signing Peter Deboer as their next head coach, Stars social media went into a full-on meltdown. Like, DEFCON one meltdown. On Tuesday afternoon the meltdown became a reality and the upside-down became real life for some. (Seriously if you haven’t watched Stranger Things do yourself a favor and binge it right after you finish this article.) All that being said, Stars fans are doing what they have been for years now. Overreact. Let’s take a quick look at why Deboer could lead to success for the Dallas Stars.

Jim Nill’s job hinges on the success of Deboer

Stars GM Jim “We like where this team is at” Nill is in the final year of his contract here in Dallas. Nill has had his share of ups and downs but in all fairness, more ups within the last few seasons. Just look at the drafts? The Stars have one of the top 10 most talented youth movements in the NHL right now. Names like Jason Robertson, Roope Hintz, and Jake Oettinger are already household names in Dallas. Names like Wyatt Johnston, Mavrik Bourque, and Logan Stankoven will be if they continue to pace at their current level of absolute domination in the juniors.

Coach Pete loves the kids, does that mean we could see a potential debut of Mavrik Bourque? (Photo: Sylvain Mayer)

Nill didn’t do all the work himself, but he carried a heavy load and has put his name on the line for a lot of these young skaters to prove themselves. Has it always worked out? Eh…ask Valeri Nichushkin and Julius Honka.

Just like a player on the last year of their contract, a lot rides on this upcoming season for Nill. Like, millions of dollars in an extension or new contract. I’d say Nill having any input on Deboer hinges on whether ol Jim stays in Dallas beyond the ’22-’23 NHL campaign.

The Lehner Drama

Robin Lehner and Peter Deboer do not and did not work well together. That is a fact. Did Deboer throw Lehner under the bus a bit? Maybe, yeah. Did Lehner make the entire ordeal public and possibly blow things out of proportion? Also, yeah. It goes both ways.

It happened. It’s over. He is your coach now. Get over it. (Photo: Yahoo Sports)

But the main point of the goalie drama is the fact that the Dallas Stars goalie coach is still with Dallas. Jake Oettinger is THE prized possession of the Dallas Stars even more after his historic performance against the Calgary Flames in the first round of the playoffs. Jeff Reese is the armor that Otter needs. Reese will absolutely stand in front of Coach Pete and keep him from doing or saying anything to hinder Otter’s growth. This is a non-issue for me. It should be a non-issue for you.

First-year success

This article could go on and on but for your eyes, I will keep it to three reasons for supporting Coach Pete. (I like the name Coach Pete. Going to roll with it.)

My main reason for excitement is the fact that Coach Pete has taken the Sharks and Devils to the Stanley Cup in his first year as their head coach. Not to mention Pete’s obsession with the youth. Pete loves the kids and this Stars team has the motherload of talented youth as mentioned before. It wouldn’t surprise me if we see a few of the prospects jump up into the NHL at points next season and make a giant splash. Ty Dellandrea, Riley Damiani, and hell, maybe we get the Stank making an appearance.

Now look, I know you are reading this thinking there is no way this guy is defending Coach Pete already. Yeah yeah just get it out of your system. But, maybe don’t flip your table like you are getting belted in Monopoly because you are upset that Coach Pete is the new Dallas Stars coach. So yeah, Coach Pete is the new head coach of the Dallas Stars.

Author: Fink

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