Ovi scores again, but on the Pitch this time!

Just when we thought Ovi had done it all he shows that he is also a beast on the soccer pitch!

Ovechkin signs one-game contract Russian soccer

As you see above if you didn’t know the Caps do this before every game to stay loose and have some fun prior to each game in kind of a hacky sack type game but with a soccer ball.

Alex Ovechkin signed a one-day contract with Dynamo Moscow to make his professional soccer debut in a friendly against Amkal, which consists of a team made of social media influencers and bloggers. (As you may think very small sized men aka Short Kings as seen below)

Get off the tracks when the trains coming through son! (Respect to this kid for even attempting to take the ball from Ovi when he could have easily lost his life)

If you weren’t familiar with the connection has with the Moscow Dynamo hockey team, Alex started his professional career with them on the ice from 2001-2005 before getting drafted by Washington.

Also, you know this story wasn’t going to end with Ovi just kicking the ball around on the pitch for a couple minutes you knew he was going to get chances to score and he honestly played pretty hard for soccer standards.

Ovi put the ball in the back of the net in this game in the 11th minute off his left foot from were else the top left side of the field one-timer style, almost the same exact spot where he lives on the Capitals powerplay.

Look how happy this man is after his goal, this is why we love him as Cap’s fans. No matter where this man scores goals he acts likes its his first one. We need to protect him whatever it takes because he is ours and we thank him for that!

Ovi was quoted after the game saying “Well, the dream came true to score a goal, I must give credit that the guys found me in that position, under the left leg. Well, I got it.”

Also you might be wondering why Alex wasn’t rocking his famous number 8….well it was to honor his father, Mikhail who wore the number 3 during his career playing for Moscow Dynamo.

Overall, very cool moment for Alex and his family and not to mention Dynamo went on to win the game 5 Nil with Ovi’s goal being the only one in the first half.

P.S.- Ovi now has more soccer goals than Crosby!

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