Milestone Watch For The 2022-23 L.A Kings

BY: Devon │ September 12th, 2022

With all the hype surrounding newly acquired Kevin Fiala and a healthy Kings team it’s easy to get caught up and forget some of the other big things coming in the 2022-23 NHL season for our L.A Kings. Many of our Kings have huge milestones knocking on their doorsteps this season that they’ll surely surpass if healthy – knock on wood. Let’s take a look at a few of the bigger ones. Do keep in mind that there are many more then just these ones. As well these are only individual career milestones, not franchise.

Phillip Danault

Already coming off a career year in a lot of stats after his first season with the Kings, and being named MVP of the Kings season by most fans. He has a couple of milestones to look out for. He’s 18 goals away from the 100 mark, and 29 games away from the big 500 mark. This should be a breeze for Danault.

Viktor Arvidsson

12 points away from 300 shouldn’t be a problem, but 49 games away from 500 could be. Arvidsson missed the entirety of the first round playoff match up vs Edmonton and games in between during the season in 2021-22. Health has always been a weakness of his and as of right now it’s not completely clear if he’ll even be healthy to start the season.

Adrian Kempe

A fantastic career year by the young lad saw him get paid the big bucks as an RFA this off-season. Kempe is 10 goals away from 100, 10 games away from 400, and 14 points away from 200. This shouldn’t be a problem in the slightest for Kempe.

Alex Edler

22 points away from 450, and 34 games away from the huge 1,000 games milestone. Now Eddie was a great two-way D-Man for us last season. Health was an issue but 34 games shouldn’t be too worrisome. Now 22 points could honestly be a problem if he’s unhealthy or being scratched, and at his age with the contract he took, he won’t be a sure roster player every single night. It’s very unlikely Edler doesn’t pass both milestones but don’t be too shocked if he doesn’t.

Alex Iafallo

39 games away from 400, 3 assists away from 100, and 32 points away from 200 shouldn’t be a problem. If health is an issue I could see him struggling with 32 points, but the other two should be easy as pie for the two-way winger.

Drew Doughty

An unfortunate season with injuries, especially as a player who was one of the more iron-man like guys among the league – Doughty is looking for his redemption tour. He’s 33 points away from 600 and unless health is somehow a serious problem again, this should be easy for Drew.

Anze Kopitar

Captain Kopi recently hit the 1,000 points and games played mark, and now he’s only 33 points away from 1,100. By the end of the 2022-23 season expect him to be half way to 1,200 points.

Cal Petersen

Cal is coming off a down year, he’s looking to prove people that have slandered his contract/starter ability wrong. 9 games away from the big 100 mark, and 11 wins away from 50 should be a good place to start a great comeback season for Cal.

Alex Turcotte

For his milestone it’s a simple one but one that three years after being drafted he hasn’t achieved. Fans of the NHL are starting to seriously question the hype of the Kings prospect pool. None of our top end picks have had a productive year yet, and Turcotte is one of them. Injuries have definitely been a huge factor but that doesn’t excuse a lack of elite play in the AHL or a showing of his 5th overall pick. All of L.A Kings nation is praying and waiting for Turcotte to get his first NHL point this season.

Author: Devon Westall

Passionate Kings fan from Ottawa that loves his team more then most, maybe a little too much. Trying to help grow the hype for this amazing team one post at a time. Gamer nerd as well of course.

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