No Robo at Training Camp and no Bishop at all (This season)

It has not been a stellar news day for Dallas Stars fans on Wednesday as Bruce Levine has reported that Jason Robertson will not be reporting for the start of Dallas Stars training camp. Robo and the Stars continue to negotiate his next contract in hopes that the two can come to terms before training camp wraps up on September 24th. (That does not seem likely, all things considered, but there would still be time for Robo to join the team during pre-season games. Those begin on September 26th.)

The news comes less than two days after the Stars announced the acquisition of right-handed blueliner Nils Lundkvist from the New York Rangers for two draft picks. (A conditional 1st round pick in 2023 and a conditional 4th round pick in 2025.) News that had some fans questioning how the acquisition would affect the funds left available for Robo’s contract. For what it’s worth, Lundkvist is still on his ELC and only a $925,000 hit through ’23-’24, but every penny counts at this point.

Jim Nill continues to keep negotiations under wraps as he gave this answer to Stars reporter Mike Heika when asking about an update on the Robo contract on September 17th.

There’s no update at this time. We’re working on it.

Jim Nill on Jason Robertson’s contract negotiations

In other “not great” news, the NHL has stepped in and informed the Dallas Stars that Ben Bishop will not be available to them for the front office position as previously announced stating team conflicts. As if Bishop was ever to step foot in Buffalo outside of wearing a Stars logo on his polo. Bishop will be allowed to join the Stars in his role once his contract ends at the conclusion of the upcoming season.

At least there is something hockey related to talk about in Dallas, right? Right?

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