Capitals say farewell to beloved live organist Bruce Anderson

Caps and Wizards games will sound very different this upcoming season at Capital One Arena, because the Caps will be without live organist Bruce Anderson who has been the in house organist for the past 22 years.

For one the sports organist is a lost art and it brings that old time feel to a sporting event.

Mr. Anderson let Cap’s fans know on Tuesday via twitter, that the Capitals will no longer be using the organ during games this season.

Just having this these type of sounds apart of the game aside from the bass bumping beats the Cap’s DJ plays in-between whistles.

Anderson stated that he “saw the writing on the wall last season as my playing time was severely cut back including goal fanfares and no in-period playing other than maybe one Let’s Go Caps per period.”

It didn’t take long after his farewell tweet that it went viral because of the thousands of Caps fans saying how much they loved him and they can’t believe he won’t be apart of Caps hockey going forward.

The Caps released a statement that read “Ahead of the 2022-23 season, we decided not to bring back the live portion of the organ,” a Capitals representative said. “We are continuously finding ways to transform the in-game experience, including having professionally recorded organ songs and prompts. We thank Bruce for his contributions to the organization and wish him the very best.”

This isn’t a great look in my opinion like at least give the guy a farewell tour and let him have a “final season” where he can be celebrated heck am I even crazy to think give him a banner that hangs somewhere when you enter Capital One Arena or name a suite after him 22 years is a LONG time he has literally be through it all with this organization.

Anderson also stated he was told last year that “the organ was too Original Six, I was told along the lines, ‘The organ was great in an Original Six format, but it doesn’t work with what we’re trying to do as part of the game presentation.’”

What the hell does that even mean what spectacular thing do they have planned to replace the time he would play the organ?!

The best part of what Anderson did was after the Caps goal was announced he would play it was a signature after an Ovi clap bomb from the circle.

During the day Anderson is the owner of Lutherville Music School and Rock School in Timonium, Maryland, where he has 15 instructors where they teach around 250 students how to play and understand music each week.

Bruce played his first game in 2000 in the preseason and he has been behind the organ ever since. Bruce also received a Stanley Cup championship ring after the magical 2018 run. Oh and to mention he is also an Emmy Award winner for a Caps Red Line segment where he taught DC 101’s Elliot Segal how to play ‘Lets Go Caps,’ for a game.

Also how about Max Scherzer even vibin to Bruce’s beats!

Bruce will be extremely missed and it is sad that our younger Caps fans will never know what a sport’s organist is, and for that I am definitely disappointed in this move by the Capital’s higher ups.

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