Rangers Score a Touchdown Against The Wild

Tonight was one of those nights where you take a step back and ask yourself if that really happened. I know that it is only the first two games of the season but for a team that wants to be in that Stanley Cup Contender conversation they could not have started off any better. Taking 4 points against 2 playoff bound teams in the first two games of the year is something that contenders do. Last blog I talked about how the Rangers put on a clinic against Tampa and now I’m going to talk to you about how they kept their pedal on the floor against the wild.

  • The Rangers are now 1-0 at home and 1-0 on the road. Last year, they were tied for the league lead in wins on the road with 25. This is a pretty good start right? Road warriors.
  • I’m going to talk a lot about faceoffs this year because they’re important. Winning faceoffs means obtaining possession which means that the other teams best players have the puck less. They started off strong against Tampa and went 50/50 against MIN. Trocheck was 5-9.
  • Speaking of Trocheck, what a night for the 10 – 16 – 24 line. 8 points .. is that good? Welcome to New York, Vinny.
  • Lafreniere might have found himself a home with Panarin and Trocheck. The thing I like the most about 13 is even when he’s fighting it or not being around the puck, he still does all the things right. He finishes checks, he establishes a forecheck and he works hard. Having said all of this it’s also pretty nice when you have the skill to make these type of plays.
  • It is very important that Chris Kreider started this season off well. We all know that he can score – look at what he did last year. The unfortunate reality is that the number of times he has scored more than 30 goals is just once. It is incredibly hard to score in the National Hockey League let alone pot 50+. Is he capable? Absolutely. He is the best net front presence in the game and plays with an all star cast on the power play. Kreider has also shown some streakiness in his career so scoring a couple early in the campaign is just what the Rangers need.
  • You might want to watch out if Kaapo starts playing with this level of confidence.
  • It’s nice to see Fil play with a little grit, isn’t it? He’s only 23 years old out there doing man things. It’s encouraging to continue seeing him using his frame to out muscle and out position his opponents.
  • Ryan Reaves had his welcome to NY, I’m the baddest motherfucker here moment for the Rangers tonight. Foligno is a tough kid and Reaves took care of business. Foligno bloodied Miller up earlier in the shift and I was wondering if Reaves would do anything about it.
  • Adam Fox led all Rangers in ice time with 25:57, as he should. I know Cale Makar can wheel but holy fuck Adam Fox can think. He’s in a league of his own with the way he sees the game. He’ll end up winning more than 1 Norris trophy,

The Rangers are back against the Jets tonight at 8 o’clock. Will we see Sammy Blais? Can the boys go 3-0? No better way to spend Friday night than finding out.


1 – PANARIN [1 – 3 – 4]

2 – LAFRENIERE [0 – 2 – 2]

3 – KREIDER [2 – 0 – 2]

Author: Ked

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