Kuznetsov Gets One Game For Slashing Kyle Burroughs in The Face

And round and round the player safety wheel we go. In what world does Kuzvetsov only deserve one game for a blatant slash to someones head? Why are we calling this high sticking? 

This reminds me of Chris Simon, just a little less horrific.

Honestly if Burroughs just laid on the ice for a few minutes we’d probably see a suspension of a few games but because he’s a gamer and popped right back up, Kuznetsov is only going to get a one game suspension.

I know being the head of Player Safety is a thankless job. No matter what decision you come to, one side will always be angry. Having said that, I don’t think there’s been a human on Earth more incompetent at their job than George Parros. A guy who was hired to discipline players and to ensure the safety of all NHLers continues to do neither thing. How does this guy still have a job?

Author: Ked

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