Caps back in black in DC, and it is Glorious!

After sometime and some teasers being leaked the 2022 Washington Capital’s Reverse Retro 2.0 has been released and it is a thing of beauty.

The screaming eagle is back across the chest, cue AC/DC! Also glad they decided on this as the main logo and put the Capitol Dome logo on the shoulders makes the overall jersey so much cleaner. Also them going with the white font on the numbers instead of the gold colored font was a huge W!

The Capitals will wear this blackout sweaters 7 time this season, starting on November 5th!

Here are the dates where these jerseys will be worn:

Nov. 5 vs. Arizona Coyotes
Nov. 25 vs. Calgary Flames
Dec. 9 vs. Seattle Kraken
Dec. 23 vs. Winnipeg Jets
Dec. 31 vs. Montreal Canadiens
Jan. 3 vs. Buffalo Sabres
Jan. 14 vs. Philadelphia Flyers

If you are interested in buying these beauties you can purchase them on November 15th, but to be honest if you don’t want to drop $100 bucks on this sweater just wait till it drops on DH Gate same quality but for $20 bucks trust me!

Darcy Kuemper pretty much gave it away the other day at practice when he rocked this setup at practice the gold pads with the screaming eagle colors and logo on his helmet, certified gas!

I know they only have 7 games selected, but it would be cool in the future that they break these jerseys out for big games and make it a blackout game where all the fans where black similar to what Virginia Tech does. It would create an electric atmosphere!

Bringing this Blacksburg vibe to Capital One Arena would be something! (wishful thinking I know)

Hopefully we can bring some magic back like this when the boys are rocking the black in D/C

The Caps are back in action today against the pesky Ottawa Senators lets get two points boys!

Author: Disco

Rock The Red #ALLCAPS

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