Goalies Steal The Show as Rangers Beat The Flyers in Overtime

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  • Boy oh boy, this seemed like a game that the Rangers would get 100 shots on goal only to have the Flyers put in a squeaker as time expired – and that actually almost happened.
  • How good is Igor? I love how Vally and Hank bring up his stats pregame, how they think he has another level, and then just happen to bring up that he hasn’t lost in regulation. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – we as Rangers fans have no idea how blessed we are at the goalie luck we’ve had. Look at San Jose. Look at Arizona. Look at Ottawa. Look at Toronto. It feels good to know that not only we have our guy but our guy is the best in the world when he’s playing his best.
  • 4 posts. FOUR. 
  • I have an issue with Jimmy Vesey being boys with Kevin Hayes when Hayes is trying to take liberties with Fox. I get it, your friends but fuck man – that goes out the door the minute the puck is dropped. I hated Vesey, then I was all on board during preseason and that might’ve had me hop off the train. I mean, what the fuck are you doing dude? Fox is our best player. Before the year, you said you wanted to play like Tyler Motte, that the Rangers liked Tyler Motte, and you wanted to bring that energy to the table. Well, through 11 games, FUCKING YAWN.
  • They might not be flooding the scoresheet yet this year but I can’t be the only one who is happy with what 24 and 13 have brought to the lineup right? 13 looks like he belongs on a line with Panarin. 24 gets the puck and it is fun to watch him work in the corners. Keep working boys.
  • That third line was the most irrelevant our third line has looked like for a while.
  • I was hoping we’d see Reaves go with Deslauriers but opportunity must not have presented itself. Regardless, Reaves and Blais were physical which opens up space for other players – something you can’t put a % on.
  • Kreider has looked like a different player the last couple of games. I don’t know what was going on with him against Colorado or NYI, but 20 looks like he’s back and ready to play. He won’t put up 50 but it’d be nice to see 30.
  • The Flyers played a near perfect game. Why? They can’t out skill the Rangers. They can’t out skate the Rangers. But what they can do, is make it hard for the Rangers to join the zone on a rush. The flyers sat back and let the Rangers dump and chase the whole night. When the Rangers got possession, they put on a clinic in the zone but making the Rangers go a full 200 feet to get a puck is exactly what Torts wanted.
  • I would take Konecny on my team any day of the week.
  • Hey Julian, you okay bro?
  • Trouba played lights out last year, he’s our captain and we can all agree that effort is always there. Having said that, the less time a puck is on his stick, the better. Guy is going to give me a heart attack and we’re not even a quarter through the season.

We’re back, baby.

The Rangers take on the Bruins Thursday night at the Garden. Brownie and I will be podcasting afterwards so if you want to hear anything specific or have any questions, leave a comment or shoot me a message on Twitter @MorningSkateKed.

One other thing, we released our Darius Kasparaitis interview yesterday and it was incredible. He had a really cool story about how the Rangers approached him during free agency [30:20].

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