Hockey Players and Fans Guide to Black Friday Shopping

Ever since we started this podcast and website we have felt the need to help out the hockey community. We have interviewed Hall of Famers, NHLers, and small businesses within the hockey world to help share their stories with crazy hockey fans just like yourself. Heading into this holiday season, we have compiled a list of must have purchases for your friends and family along with different promo codes and deals to help save you some money.

Bench Clearers

Brownies Take: When hockey is over for the year, your drip doesn’t have to stop. Bench Clearers officially licensed tank tops will set you apart all offseason. At the beach, hitting the neighborhood BBQ or just running errands, rep your team colors all year round.  Every day is a good day for hockey gear.

Keds Take: This is the perfect item for boat days, concerts, or even just catching some rays. How often do you actually wear a jersey around? With Bench Clearers, you can rep your favorite team all while going suns out guns out.

This link takes you right to their website where you can save 40-70% off site wide.

FOCO Bobbleheads

Brownies Take: The only name in the bobblehead game. Have you seen these beauties? These are a must have for the hockey fan in your life. The detail work is outstanding an on point: you can see Matthews’ gigantic forehead and it’s easy to imagine Kucherov slashing someone behind the play. Of course I recommend the perfect bobblehead of the perfect human, Mr. Patrice Bergeron, but you can’t go wrong with whomever you choose.

Keds Take: I love me a bobblehead. I think it goes back to The Office and Dwight Schrute. They help spice up any desk and make working just a little bit more enjoyable. The NHL Hoodeez look cozy as ever and I’m a sucker for a Christmas ornament. Sign me up.

Head over to (@FOCOusa and @focobobbles) and use promo code TMS15 for 15% off all in stock items!

All Black Hockey Sticks and Just Hockey Jerseys

All Black Hockey Sticks are a high quality 440 gram carbon fiber stick comparable to others in the weight class at $225-250, but offered at $89/$113.99 shipped. They have been around for 10+ years with no price increase as their players grow to make up for cost differences.

Just Hockey Jerseys offer a full sublimation jersey with full design, names, numbers, additional logos and any color needed with strings or v-neck collars all for just $35 with a 7″ ABHS sponsor logo. Socks are $12.50 and also sublimated with jersey order. 

Order a set of jerseys and the organizer who sets up a team order will receive a performance Tee that matches their team jersey customized name and number upon request!

Brownies Take: From the people behind the All Black Hockey Sticks, which are the official sticks of yours truly (AB88 lefty 90flex keep the change). You now have a place to get your beer league jerseys. Easy with no fuss and with a price point that the biggest pain in the ass on your team won’t complain about.

Keds Take: All Black Hockey Sticks price point is honestly the best in the league. You can get a quality product without crushing your bank account. What I thought was really cool were these jerseys – They are quality and budget friendly. I know where my beer league team will be turning to next season. $35?? Thats a steal.

Go to All Black Hockey Sticks to order a new twig or check out Just Hockey Jerseys and order a new set of sweaters!

Chucks Buckets

Brownies Take: You ever go the game and see a nice hat and think to yourself, where’d they get that one? Guarantee it’s from Chuck’s Buckets. These are so clean and look so good that you can’t go wrong with any of them. I know the #12 is for Brady, but if you ask me about it when I’m wearing it, I’ll be saying it’s for Iginla.

Keds Take: If you show me a pro using a product then I am all in. This is the simplest, easiest way to let people around you know that you’re a hockey fan. You don’t always have to run around in a Rangers jersey – sometimes all you need is a Breadman hat.

Go to Chucks Buckets and use promo code TMS20 to save 20% off of all hats.

Absolute Filth Hockey Wax

Brownies Take: If you want the sick dangles that you hear us talk about on the pod, then you need to wax that stick and keep it Absolutely Filthy. There is no better wax in the game today. Want to put one past the goalie’s ear? Give them a nice blast of the Coco Mango on the way by. You have to deal with a hardo at beer league? Put a freshly waxed blade full of North Pine in his cage next face-off.

Keds Take: My new years resolution is to pull of The Michigan in a game and I know for a fact it will be because of Absolute Filth. The people who run this company are so nice and their product works so well. I’ve been using Absolute Filth for a while now and it works. It keeps snow off the blade, keeps the tape job tight and it smells fantastic.

Head over to Absolute Filth and use the code “MorningSkate” to save 25% off any wax they carry until Jan 1, 2023. Are you an amazon shopper? Click here to go that route.

Puck Cups

Brownies Take: Need a gift for the hockey dad in your life? Don’t buy the old man a tie or some new socks; the poor guy’s been carting you and your gear from rink to rink listening to all your tik-tok nonsense. Get him what he wants, something stylish to get the alcohol on board.

Keds Take: This is the ultimate gift to get your old man for the holiday season. This will be the one mug he pulls out of the cupboard when it’s time to watch a hockey game or time to slam a few beers outside.

Head over to Puck Cups for the following deals:

  • Hockey Dad Glass, $24.99, normally $29.99
  • Danbury Trashers Glass, $24.99, normally $29.99
  • Free Shipping on all Puck Cups

Green Biscuit

Brownies Take: If you want to replicate on ice feel and touch then you need to be using Green Biscuit. From schooling the neighborhood youth in street hockey to working your dangles while watching the game, nothing is better that the Green Biscuit.

Keds Take: This is the closest you can get to playing hockey without being on the ice. They’ve created a premium product and something I wish was around when I was a kid growing up. Don’t be shocked if you see me rollerblading the bike trails at the State Park while stick handling one of these bad boys.

  • Buy any 3 pucks, Get 2 FREE any individual Green Biscuit pucks. Just add 5 to the shopping cart and two will automatically be free. No promo code needed. FREE shipping within the U.S.
  • Green Biscuit puck 4-pack with 4 Limited Edition purple 8” Top Shelf Targets for only $60. There’s 3 different options for this deal. FREE shipping within the U.S. No promo code needed. – These can be found here.
  • Get 2 Green Biscuit pucks, a Hockey Wraparound stick blade protector and a 4 pack of Hockey Dot cones for only $50, FREE shipping within the U.S. No promo code needed. These can be found here.

The Hockey Sauce Kit

Brownies Take: Oh you’re good at Cornhole? That’s great, so is my 6 year old. Cornhole is for pigeons. Want to actually have some fun at your next BBQ or tailgate? Break out Sauce Toss Hockey for the ultimate off ice hockey game. Show off your silky mitts and prove that you deserve top line minutes!

Keds Take: This is my favorite lawn / beach game of all time. There’s nothing like poundin’ a few beers with the boys and chuckin’ some ragu for the day. Toss on some jams, find yourself a partner and have yourselves a day.

Click here for a site wide sale on every product on their website with Free Shipping on orders over $150.

Limited time use code: MORNINGSKATE for added 12% Off Sale Price while supplies last.

Celly Hockey Co.

Brownies Take: These hats are sick. They look like the vintage ‘70’s era throwbacks. There’s nothing better than rocking a hat that you don’t see everyday. I’m partial to the light blue Hawaii set up, but that might be too advanced for your average bender.

Keds Take: Celly Hockey is one of, if not my favorite hockey apparel companies out there. I love how they have an old school look all while being wholesome. If you have a sibling who plays hockey, this would be a great gift to give.

Head over to Celly Hockey Co. where they’ll be running a 20% off sale on Black Friday and Cyber Monday with the codes CELLYFRIDAY22 and CELLYMONDAY22.

Author: Ked

1st line thoughts with a 4th line heart. Hope you guys enjoy the site and let us know what we can do to make it better. ALWAYS remember-- When in doubt, glass and out.

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