Wings Fans Plenty To Be Thankful For

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With the Thanksgiving weekend coming to a close, to overcome Sunday Scaries, taking a few to reflect on good things with the Detroit Red Wings.

I’m thankful for the standings.
Looking at the standings right now… (yes, I know it’s a month into the season, dude chill..) but the Wings are in a playoff spot. Not a Wild Card spot, but a playoff spot, being third in the divisional standings. Impressive being that the Atlantic division is brutal with Boston (who will cool off eventually, right? …right?), Tampa, Toronto, etc.
4 teams last year over 100 points at the end of last year, yeesh.
Detroit currently is sitting at 26 Pts. (11-5-4)

77.5% of the time… all the time, teams in a playoff spot at this time of the year, will likely continue on to be playoff teams.

I’m thankful for Filip Hronek.
(and his legendary handlebar mustache… glorious)

Those defensemen are offensive… (it was bad enough the first time, but I had to repeat it)
Along with the Wings having a 4-game winning streak, Hronek has a 4-game goal streak, tied for longest ever by Red Wings defenseman, with 7 points total. (5 goals, 2 assists).
In this stretch, offense from the blue line has also come from Ben Chiarot, Moritz Seider, Jake Walman, Jordan Oesterle.
Goals from unlikely places… Larkin and Kubalik continue to roll. Tyler Bertuzzi returning from injury, finding the back of the net. Lucas Raymond coming to life. Good things, especially with Toronto and Vegas next on the schedule, shortly followed by Tampa and Dallas in the coming week or so.
At least, it starts with a decent length homestand.

I’m thankful for Mickey Redmond.
No reason different than any other needed for being thankful for Mickey. Plus needed a third.

Kuz-nuts-off… lol classic.

I’m thankful for the Morning Skate.
I’ve been spending so much time the hockey arenas. Traveling around, watching games, and just enjoying the atmospheres and the crowds from teams all over the local-ish Michigan area; Detroit (and training camp in TC), Kalamazoo, Fraser (Motor City Rockers), Saginaw, Toledo, Plymouth (Team USA National Team Development Program) so far this year. Would hardly call myself an expert but just enjoy the sport, and definitely with beer in hand, my time of Zen.

(Thinking about another hockey/beer and sports trip… maybe Pitt, staying with the metro theme from last year? Anyone down? Could be fun, thankful for a free hotel room…, we have a hotel sponsor?)

To be able to sit down here, and ramble and talk about something that I care about, with a platform that is getting bigger and is so much fun. Listen to the pod, you cowards! (On Spotify, or anywhere podcasts can be found, we have a music streaming sponsor?) So thankful… just have to remember, just write and have fun, as I’m looking 3 drafts that were never completed/posted, totally in my brain. Think there was a subtle hint with someone using my Twitter from TMS to post an article on the Reavo trade. There were like, 5 posts over and over… same article, super subtle, was so confused..
Love you guys and anyone that takes time to read my nonsense.

Author: AP Mazza

Red Wings writer for The Morning Skate. LGRW!

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