A Historic 30

Your Northeastern Huskies welcomed in the Boston University Terriers for the last game of this regular season here at Historic Matthews Arena. The Huskies honored their seniors/grad students prior to the game with player introductions and flowers for their families and significant others. It was a nice ceremony and actually staggering to realize the amount of talent that was introduced out there. Alexa Matses, Kate Holmes, Maude Poulin-Labelle, Chloe Aurard, Mia Brown, Maureen Murphy and Alina Mueller all received warm ovations from the crowd. Not sure if it was the fact that the Huskies were knocking on history’s door or the fact that playoffs are right around the corner, but the grand old barn had the pop and feel of a postseason game tonight. Lots of energy in the building and the fans were into it and vocal from the opening face-off. The Huskies notched W number 30 tonight (the most regular season dubs since 28 in 2015-2016), and extended their winning streak to 18 games.

The game opened up with BU pushing the pace and challenging possession in all zones, (I guess getting pumped on your home ice for your Senior Night isn’t ideal for team morale). But that pace wasn’t sustainable for the Terriers and the Huskies countered with sharp passing and a whole lot of jump in their skating. The ladies were flying out there. True to form, BU started the conga line to the penalty box awarding two PPs to the Huskies before the midway point of the period. 

It was no surprise to anyone in the rink that the Huskies were going to cash in on the man-advantage and it was Katy Knoll who got the Huskies on the board. After some good looks in the zone, Mueller put a drive on net from the high slot that rebounded off the pads of Andrea Brandli to Knoll at the right post. The Premier Power Forward in Women’s Hockey Today tossed the backhand over Brandli’s outstretched leg pad and the Huskies had the early lead which held through the game so add another GWG to Knoll’s totals.  That was also career apple 100 for Murph. Kind of a big deal.

The Huskies opened it up more in the 2nd as they started to exert their will on the Terriers. Every puck was being contested and the Huskies were winning foot races. Lily Yovetich (feeling rested from all that time in the box last night) put the puck on net from the right point and Molly Griffin was on the doorstep to sweep the tumbling puck under the leg pad and into the net for the 2 goal lead. As I’ve said, good things happen when you go to the net. This was the 2nd goal for the 4th line in the last 2GP, I’d say that’s pretty good.

Once again on the power play, Mia Brown got her cookie on senior night. The 2nd unit was moving the puck well and had great movement in the zone which opened up all kinds of passing lanes. Poulin-Labelle fed Skylar Irving from the left point and The Mayor of Kingston walked in from the RW circle and put a heavy shot on net where it immediately was kicked up and bounced over Brandli into the crease. Brown swatted the puck in behind Brandli to notch her 8th of the season and completely swipe one from Skirv. Up by 3 and you can almost feel how nasty the 3rd was going to be. 

The teams opened the third playing 4 aside as the on-ice officials had to have their mark felt on this game (per usual). The Huskies were pushing the pace as the period unwound and challenging BU on every possession. After another successful PK, Lily Shannon drove into the zone fresh off the bench and went forehand/backhand but was denied by Brandli. Trailing the play was Peyton Anderson and The Matrix tucked in the loose puck to put the Huskies up by 4 and this game out of reach. 

With 3:20 left in the contest, Gwyneth Phillips vacated the NU net in favor of Matses to lock up the shutout. Phillips was strong in this one even though she didn’t face an avalanche of shots. When she was tested or needed she was locked in and lightning quick in her side to side movements. It’s not by chance that she leads the nation in everything goalie related.

In my humble opinion, the goalie swap speaks to the entire program and how special they are and how much they support each other. Leaving the net on the last regular season game of the year in order to get a senior goalie some minutes; how many other teams (or players) would do that? Very few. And you knew there was no way the Huskies were letting up as the clock wound down. Murphy exemplified that “not in our house” attitude as she laid out on the backcheck with less than a minute to go to break up a BU scoring bid. I’m telling you it’s a special group.

The game ended with BU showing it’s class and composure as the teams shook hands and vacated the ice. Up next for the Huskies is the winner of the first round of Hockey East playoffs played next Saturday here at Historic Matthews Arena. #HowlinHuskies

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Author: Brownie

A legacy that was born on the frozen rivers in Northern Saskatchewan then later forged on the ponds of New England. Playing with the heart of a warrior and the soul of a poet; always living by the credo handed down by generations of beer-league beauties that came before him. Skate Hard - Quick Changes - Win the Parking Lot.

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