Dallas Stars continue to struggle and the owner digs at the media in Dallas (From Vancouver)

The Dallas Stars slump continues as they blew a three goal lead to arguably one of the worst franchises in the NHL today in the Chicago Blackhawks on Wednesday night with a final score of 3-4. This just days after dropping their second of a back-to-back to the lowly Columbus Blue Jackets, and Stars fans are geeked. Absolutely crumbling. Yapping at one another various social media platfroms, particurlay the blue bird app. The Stars and their fans are in a heavy slump right now, but of course, that is not the main point of this article. That is where the evil disney pixar villain known as Stars owner Tom Gaglardi steps in.

MONTREAL, QUEBEC – JULY 07: Tom Gaglardi of the Dallas Stars attends the 2022 NHL Draft at the Bell Centre on July 07, 2022 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Tom Gaglardi has not only been harsh on the team that he owns, he has now decided to turn his evil gaze upon the media that covers his Dallas Stars. Oh, and he did so up in the great white north while in Vancouver. Because why would he say anything bad about the media in Dallas while actually being in Dallas, right? Bold move.

I have a little bit of an issue in a market like Dallas. We don’t have a media that really holds us accountable…They do to a point, but our media in the US in a market like Dallas tends to be cheerleaders. You know sometimes these guys need a little public pressure.

Stars owner Tom Gaglardi via The Halford & Broughin the morning

So, Tom, you want us to be hard on the boys in green eh? Have you been on Twitter lately pal? It’s a collection of virtual meltdowns calling this team out. Guys like Ryan Suter, or Denis Gurianov are causing Karen-like freakouts all over and rightfully so! Ryan Suter will ultimately go down as one of the worst contract signings Jim Nill ever put pen to paper on and poor Gurianov has been audtioning for his role in the next “Invisible Man” adaptation and will likley be the main piece in a return from the Dallas Stars if they make any moves come the NHL trade deadline. (Please oh please make a move Jimmy Nill.)

Pylon Ryan Suter of the Dallas Stars (Photo by Star Tribune)

My biggest issue with Tom Gaglardi is this, if you are going to be critical of your organization or your media that covers the team, how about you hop on a fancy private jet, get nice and cozy for the flight, then bring your sassy pants down to Dallas instead of chirping the media behind the border to the north? Say what you will about Jerry Jones or Mark Cuban, but they are at every single game possible for the team that they own. They sometimes hog the spotlight, yes, but they are present. They make themselves known to the players, the staff, and in this case most importantly, the media. They aren’t afraid to stand in front of the firing range of questions after a tough loss or stand up for their star players when they may underperfom. Are they critical as well? Absolutely they are, as they have the right to be but, they are there. They are in Dallas. They call it home.

Now don’t get me wrong, I can’t stand Jerry Jones or the Cowboys for that matter. A subject for another day maybe, but I respect what he does for the Cowboys as an orgnization. Same with Cuban and the Mavericks.

In this market, this is why the comments made by Gaglardi have rubbed so many the wrong way. Instead of hopping on one of the multiple Stars media outlets here in Dallas, he chose to say these things on a podcast that is about as foreign to Texans as is an impossible burger in a BBQ joint. It just feels like a coward-like way about the situation and with your very own team struggling at this point, maybe show up for a game or two? Make your presence known at least to them, if not to the Dallas Stars media.

While Stars fans wait to see if Jim Nill has anything up his sleeve to improve the Stars for a playoff run, the comments made by Tom Gaglardi could not have come at a worse time in my opinion and it leaves much to be desired for the head of the table of this historied franchise. I pose the question to you the reader, how do you feel about the comments made by Gaglardi and do you feel that they are a detriment to this team? Let me know in the comments below and buckle up for what is sure to be a wild ending to this edition of the Dallas Stars NHL campaign.

If you are looking for more Dallas Stars content and a futher rant on Gaglardi, make sure to click the link below and listen to the latest episode of Whatahockey where we talk all things Texas hockey every Thursday.

Author: Fink

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