It’s Timo Time In New Jersey!

The Devils load up for a run at the cup by adding a super star and not losing any key pieces of the current lineup, or any top prospects.

What a time to be a Devils fan. Not only do the Devils currently own the third best record in the NHL, but they also just added an absolute super star in Timo Meier. Not only did they add a super star to the lineup, but all the key pieces of the current lineup, as well as the prospect pool remain in tact. While the rest of the Eastern Conference’s playoff contending teams like Boston, Toronto, Tampa Bay, and the Rangers are adding talent to their teams, the Devils added obviously the best player available, who is still only 26 years old by the way, and kept the rest of their team and roster in tact while doing so.

Meier and his 31 goals will slide into one of the top two lines alongside either Nico Hischier or Jack Hughes. Not only can Meier score, but he uses his 220 pound body to inflict physical damage on the opponent as well. In his 57 games played so far, Meier has 112 hits. Currently, Michael McLeod leads the Devils with 95 hits in 59 games played. Meier is an elite scorer, something every team needs, and is a physical force, something the Devils have been sorely lacking all year. Timo Meier is the perfect player the Devils need to take the next step from playoff contender to championship contender. I don’t think this will be the Devils only move before the trade deadline, but it will be their biggest and most consequential. Timo Meier is a Devil for at least the rest of this season, (extension hopefully coming soon) and the Devils are a very serious Stanley Cup contender.

If I were to guess, I would say that Timo Meier will play on a line with Jack Hughes and Jesper Bratt. Meier brings size an physicality to that line that has two smaller, more finesse, players in Hughes and Bratt, and he can actually keep up with them and help them to produce even more offense. With that being said, I certainly wouldn’t complain about seeing Meier play on a line with Hischier and Mercer either. I would also speculate that Meier will be on the first power play with Hughes, Hamilton, Hischier and Bratt, making that unit even more explosive than it already is. The Devils have been great in 3 on 3 overtime so far this year and adding Meier will only make them more dangerous in OT as they continue to chase Carolina for first place in the Metro.

For the firs time in over a decade, the Devils are back where they belong. For the first time in over a decade, the Devils are very serious contenders to win the Stanley Cup. The Devils had one of the top three records in the league BEFORE they added a 30 goal scorer that hits like an 18 wheel truck. With Meier on the team, the Devils have as good of a shot as anyone to win the cup this year. If Tom Fitzgerald is able to extend both Meier and Bratt this offseason, the Devils will be in this same spot every year for the foreseeable future. I have been smiling for the last 24 hours, just thinking about how much better the Devils got with this trade. In the words of Jack Hughes, “Let’s go baby!” You can follow me on Twitter at PatBoooooth

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