McDavid and Matthews should leave their toxic Canadian partners

Bacon. Drake. Football. Paying thousands of dollars for a doctor’s visit. There’s some things that Americans simply appreciate more than Canadians do, and Connor McDavid/Auston Matthews are no exception to that rule.

McDavid and Matthews have each been in the league over 7 years. One is potentially the most skilled player in the history of the game, the other on track to potentially be the greatest American born hockey player in the history of the planet. And what do they have to show for it over those 7-8 years? One conference finals appearance for McDavid last year where they got pee pee whacked in four games by Colorado, and Matthews hasn’t even made it out of the first round his entire career. This isn’t to say the Oilers or Maple Leafs stink. The Oilers are consistently in the playoffs, and the Maple Leafs not doing shit come playoff time with that roster has me convinced some random Russian is using voodoo magic on them. But they’ve proven they are incapable of giving hockey fans what we need. Which is plays like this in the Stanley Cup final (or at least the fucking 2nd round, Toronto).

It really isn’t THAT insane to think one of these two might want out of their respective market and get moved. Matthews has one more year on his deal, and if he tells Toronto he ain’t re-signing you can’t just let him walk next summer for nothing. McDavid is signed through 2025-2026, but if he waived the no-movement clause in his contract Edmonton would get a HAUL for him.

When you have a friend that is in a toxic relationship such as these two superstars, you let them know. Girls wouldn’t be ok with their friend being with a guy who only takes them to McDonalds (unless he lets her have the happy meal toy like a gentleman of course), and as hockey fans we shouldn’t be okay with the Oilers and Maple Leafs treating two of our greatest stars like this. If they don’t make deep playoff runs this summer, both should request out of their toxic Canadian relationships and go to a team that appreciates them the way they should by getting them a ring.

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