Life Isn’t Fair.

There have been many times in my life where I was reminded that life wasn’t fair. Like when that lady failed me on my first drivers license test before even making it out of the parking spot (not parking lot, the spot). Or when my back car window got busted in just 3 weeks after moving into my wonderful South City home here in STL earlier this year. But what happened tonight at the NHL Draft Lottery is the most shining example of life not being fair I have ever experienced.

You’re telling me the franchise that a) won 3 cups in a 6 year span between 2010-2015 and b) during one of those Cup runs had a video coach essentially rape a rookie on the team (which the team then covered up) is getting the most coveted #1 overall pick since McJesus?

If you are from STL and aren’t aware of why this year’s 1st overall pick was so important, it is because this year’s bonafide #1 overall pick is none other than Connor Bedard. It is essentially like your team getting Sydney Crosby, Connor McDavid, a potential Michael Jordan of hockey. Below is his stats this year in Junior hockey via compared to McDavid when he was in junior.

You know, Connor McDavid. That guy who is currently the best hockey player on planet earth. Connor Bedard is better than he was at his Bedard’s current age. In 57 games of junior this year Bedard tallied 71 goals and 72 assists for 143 points. That is And those spoiled bastards up north just got him. Life isn’t fair. I hate my life. The Blues being a wheelchair with pedals this season just got even worse because we’re going to have to watch goals like these be scored against us for the next 20 god damn years.

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