Arizona Coyotes New Arena Plan Rejected!

On Tuesday night was the big vote on if the Arizona Coyotes would be able to start breaking ground on their $2.5 billion dollar sports entertainment district in the heart of Tempe AZ which would include a beautiful new ice hockey barn near Priest Drive and Rio Salado Parkway for the Arizona Coyotes.

Unfortunately, the vote for the entertainment district Propositions 301, 302, and 303 were rejected. On first glance it sucks for us hockey fans in the desert and this is coming from a Washington Capital’s fan living in desert dog country. I have attended tons of games in Glendale and at Mullett in Tempe over my 7 years living here. I can say I have adopted the Yotes as my second team and want them to succeed in the long run, except when they play Washington twice a year.

Now here is where I got even more pissed off at the rejection of the vote.

There were nearly 30,000 voters which turns out to be 32.6% of submitted ballots for Prop 301, Prop 302 and Prop 303.

As of the initial returns at 8 p.m. Tuesday night, Prop 301 and 302 had “no” votes leading 56% to 44% “yes” votes.

“No” votes led Prop 303 at 57% to 43%.

Also, from the ages of 18-35 only 4% voted and the majority of the voters were 65+ that voted no like come on this vote won’t even affect you in your life time especially it being a privately funded project. Hey listen this is coming from someone who lives in Tempe if you are complaining about noise and traffic while also living in Tempe and you’re above the age of 65 then move you clown. Go drink your prune juice and yell at the clouds in a different part of the Valley. These are probably the same people who live in the old peoples apartment complex that is located right on Mill Ave. where all the college bars are and they still complain about noise. Like I thought old people were suppose to be wise and have common sense. Maybe live somewhere quieter like Gilbert, Avondale, and Queen Creek to name a few.

Another big issue on where the arena would have been built was that it would be to much noise given that its in the flight path of Sky Harbor Air Port. That part legit makes zero sense they weren’t building skyscrapers in this area.

The complaint filed by the Phoenix Aviation Department represents new heights of hypocrisy. While it is OK for Phoenix to build a baseball stadium, a basketball arena, and a soccer stadium in the flight path of Sky Harbor Airport, somehow, it’s wrong when Tempe attempts to convert an old polluting landfill into a new sports and entertainment district. And there is no shortage of new residential development in and around Downtown Phoenix sports venues. Nor is there a shortage of residential units around the airport in Phoenix. Is this really about Phoenix protecting a handful of apartment units in Tempe or is it really a matter of Phoenix protecting the interests of its downtown sports franchises at the expense of Tempe taxpayers who stand to gain many millions of dollars in revenues and benefits.

Unlike other stadium deals and developments in other cities including Phoenix, the Tempe proposal costs taxpayers nothing. Indeed, it results in hundreds of millions of dollars in net positive benefits for taxpayers.

The ultimate question for Tempe voters is this: Do you stand with Phoenix hypocrisy or an incredible environmental and economic opportunity for Tempe?– Tempe Wins

Also, this area where the arena was going to built is currently a landfill and huge eye sore to anyone that drives by it or works near it.

Going forward it looks like the Coyotes will 100% be playing at Mullett in Tempe for at least the 23-24 season so us hockey fans can take a collective breathe for now. Hopefully during this time a new plan is figured out because I have yet to see any concrete Plan B yet. Which if you are running a pro organization on the verge of a vote to decide your future I pray to God they had a backup plan.

For as much as I hate that rat Gary Bettman he sure wants the Yotes to stay in AZ so I respect him trying to keep a team here in AZ and he was reached for a comment after the vote and said:

“The NHL is terribly disappointed by the results of the public referenda regarding the Coyotes’ arena project in Tempe, We are going to review with the Coyotes what the options might be going forward. It’s a private-funded project, and the club’s prepared to execute a 30-year, non-relocation agreement. All the things that say this club wants to be here, and frankly, the NHL wants the club to be here,”

I really hope some plan is in place to try and keep the team in AZ instead of just throwing in the towel and letting places like Salt Lake or Houston bid for the team. Obviously if it comes down to the team relocating I just hope the Yotes and their fans go out fighting for a young team that has a lot of promise in the coming years based on how stacked their prospects are.

So Coyotes fans keep howling your opinions in support for your boys on and off the ice and just maybe we can keep these desert dogs in the valley of the sun!

UPDATED 5/18/23!

Well it only took less than 24 hours for some potential good news to come out about a landing spot for the Yotes Arena.

The Coyotes have their sites on Mesa right near the 60 and Alma School Rd.. “Fiesta Mall is one of the most attractive pieces of urban real estate in the valley today. It is massive, adjacent to three major highways, and only 20 minutes from two major airports,” the statement read. “We look forward to working with the property owner on proposals to bring diverse uses to the Fiesta Mall site and long-term sustainable and vibrant economic activity to the Fiesta District.”

The Fiesta Mall area currently is a wasted space with extreme potential for business growth in that area of Mesa.

Fingers crossed the Olds in the Mesa area don’t have to vote on it, plus with it just being an Arena and not a whole entertainment district it could have a better chance working out.

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