The Injury Bug Hit The NHL Last Night: Fowler, Vasilevsky And Chara All Injured

I do a lot of refreshing the Twitter timeline every night to see what is poppin’ off in the NHL. Normally I’m looking for a sick goal, a nasty hit or fight or that super hot girl who inevitably sits behind the players bench. As I refreshed the timeline last night, players began to drop... Continue Reading →


The Secret to The Montreal Canadiens Great Start? Pickle Juice

A report came out last night that the boys up in Montreal are rubbing pickle juice all over themselves because “It feels good.” Where did this trend come from? Le capitaine. Now, I know PK Subban has more points than Shea Weber has games played since the trade but this, well, this is... Continue Reading →

Top 5 MLB Hockey Jerseys

So I’m surfin’ on the interweb today and came across MLB hockey jersey mockups.   @Ferry_Designs did a great job creating these bad boys and I present to you my top 5 MLB hockey jerseys. Boston Red Sox I’m a Yankees guy and I hate, HATE, the Red Sox. It’s just something instilled in your... Continue Reading →

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