Keds Top 3 Alex Burrows Moments

Alex Burrows has announced his retirement and has joined the AHL’s Laval Rocket as an assistant coach. Burrows went undrafted before working his way through the Vancouver Canucks system and breaking into the NHL in 2005-06. “I’m happy with my career and have some great memories,” Burrows told “I met some wonderful people over the years.... Continue Reading →


The Morning Skate Award Show

WHAT A YEAR for the boys at The Morning Skate. Just wanted to thank you all for following along and enjoying the ride. The coolest part about doing this is making connections through the hockey world and realizing that you’re not the only hockey loving lunatic out there. I’d like to thank the entire crew... Continue Reading →

TOUGH HOCKEY PLAYER ALERT: Nicklas Backstrom Played in The Stanley Cup Finals With a Broken Hand Another day, another tough ass hockey player. Nicklas Backstrom has been one of the most underrated players in the National Hockey League for YEARS now. Don’t think so? Look at his stats:     I mean, come on man. That’s almost not fair. Backstrom broke his hand earlier in the playoffs and STILL put... Continue Reading →

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