With Marty St. Louis Being Inducted Into The Hall of Fame, I Present to You One of My Favorite Goals of All Time

I remember it like it was yesterday. Richards and Hagelin created a turnover by the benches, kept the puck in the zone and Hags tossed it over to the other side of the ice for a patiently waiting Marty St. Louis. At this point we all knew poor little Dustin Tokarski had ZERO shot of... Continue Reading →


Top 5 MLB Hockey Jerseys

So I’m surfin’ on the interweb today and came across MLB hockey jersey mockups.   @Ferry_Designs did a great job creating these bad boys and I present to you my top 5 MLB hockey jerseys. Boston Red Sox I’m a Yankees guy and I hate, HATE, the Red Sox. It’s just something instilled in your... Continue Reading →

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