Matt Duchene Becomes A Goal Of The Year Candidate

Check out the link below to see one of the nicest goals of the year. Unreal hand eye coordination and concentration to track that puck. The fact that he got enough wood on that sucker to punch it home is even more impressive. I know Duchene has his issues and was basically booted out of... Continue Reading →


Voracek Responds To Uber Driver Recording

I'm sure by now everyone is sick of talking about the incident involving four Ottawa Senators players being recorded in the Uber last week. Duchene, Wideman, Tierney, and Chabot were all recorded bashing the coaches, penalty kill, and power play. They also made some comments about teammates and Duchene even mentioned how he hasn't paid... Continue Reading →

Ranking The NHL Third Jersey’s

Over the past few weeks the NHL has released third jerseys for 12 of the NHL teams. Now I won't sugar coat this. Some of these jerseys are horrid, while the others are amazing. So here is Papa's ranking of the new sweaters. 12. Winnipeg Jets Call me crazy but isn't this a mens league... Continue Reading →

A Stick Tap For Wayne Simmonds

The other day I trashed (see what I did there) Philly for littering the ice with beer cans and other debris. The Flyers fan base should obviously be embarrassed, but today there is something to hang there hat on. Wayne Simmonds. I read an article today that he missed 7 games this season due to... Continue Reading →

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