The Sheriff is Back in Town

Roll out the red carpet Manhattan, hair salon’s get your clippers ready, husband’s hold onto your wives, New York Islanders – Pop your mouth guards in, Glasser is back and is looking for blood and a fresh new mullet.  I am usually wrong 95% of the time pertaining to hockey talk and I know that, but I will give myself tons of pats on the back for this one. I was right, you were wrong, majority of New York Ranger fans were wrong. I have stood my ground on this topic since the day we signed Tanner and I could not be more happy to announce that Glasser is on an Amtrak back from Hartford and on his way to Hoboken or wherever his league minimum contract lets him and his beautiful family call home, so he can help out a team that has been rolling over to guys like Daniel Winnik, Steve Ott, and pretty much anyone with half a nut.

He left his impressive 15 points in 57 games and his -3 plus minus rating in Hartford and is ready to transition back into his natural game as a defensive forward. I know what everyone says about tanner, I hear it, I understand it but you CANNOT disagree with the fact that the Rangers NEED him right now and have been lacking this physical element to their game since we ruined Dylan Mcilrath’s life. If the Rangers want to make any sort of run in the playoffs, they need some jam in their game. I am so sick of listening to Derek Stepan’s depressing post game interviews about how their effort is there and how they need to get their work boots on. SHUT UP DEREK, you have never owned a pair of work boots. Tanner Glass has a collection of steel toed boots in his basement and is ready to kick anyone and everyone in the face with them.

After watching our abysmal performance against Montreal Saturday night, I knew we needed a change. I watched Steve Ott who is (3-43-1) in professional fights, follow J.T. Miller around the ice for the final 30 seconds of the game begging for Miller to engage, Miller skated right off the ice. I watched Henrik Lundqvist get run over by Brendan Gallagher, which was promptly followed by Marc Staal bear hugging Gallagher with his gloves still on and then Gallagher countering Marc, by throwing Marc’s face into the Garden ice. That just does not help the team Marc, it actually does the opposite. Marc looked like he just went 15 rounds with Mike Tyson after as well with that heavy breathing. Lets take some time to honor Marc and his courageous effort against Montreal.

Fast forward to Sunday and I wake up to the best news possible. Gorton answered my prayers from the night before. You could hear a pin drop at the Barclays Center when the tweet heard around the world popped up on everyone’s news feed:


UT OH! No need to strap your work boots on Stepan, the Sheriff is back in town, Lord Stanley, here we come.


Glass Tribute Section:

Feeding Gleason a Glazed Donut

Just one punching everyone in the minors

Why does Strachan continue to ask for it?


Look at this heart Glass shows this shift:  Absolutely eats a slap shot, gets up and skates away like a seasoned professional, circles around , Embarasses Andrew Nielsen in front of everyone. This is the shit we have been craving all season.


The video tribute could honestly go on and on forever. In Tanner, We Trust.





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