NYR: 1 Down, 15 to go

Last night was one of the more enjoyable Rangers games I have watched in a very long time. Why? Oh, I’ll tell you why.


4th Line was buzzin’

For the first time in what seems like eternity, the Rangers had a fourth line that took over every shift they had in those 60 minutes.

Lindberg, who had offseason surgery, is back to full strength and looks to be a key fixture in the Rangers bottom 6 for years to come. He played a strong game in both ends of the rink and was incredibly smart with the puck. He got pucks in deep, made great passes to his D outlets in the offensive zone and played a big part in Tanners goal after winning a key offensive draw.

Jesper Fast is about as consistent as they come and last night was no different. Much like Lindberg, he used his wheels to establish a fore-check and get back on the back check. He’s probably our best penalty killer and will be huge for the coming games, because while the Habs were left scoreless on the PPer, their PP is incredibly dangerous and can change the momentum of the game every time they get on the ice.

Tanner Glass.

Tanner fucking Glass. All of the analytical assholes were screaming from the mountain tops, and while the series is not even close to being over, Glass played an integral role in this game. First off- how about that goal? I mean, yeah he scored but what a shot. Backhand, limited space- no worries, just Tanner being Tanner. He played a physical game without taking penalties (Habs take notes) and did all the small things that go into being an effective fourth liner. He was always first on the puck and did what he had to do to clear the zone. Who is tied for GWG in the playoffs right now?

A+ game for Tanner Glass, F- minus game for the Corsi Ti83 nerds out there. Quick shoutout to @NYR_FullTilt for calling it. Haters gonna hate.

Girardi of Old and Staal Wasn’t Terrible!

Dan Girardi! Where have you been? What a performance by number 5. He played a physical game and hardly got burned. Why? Because he eliminated time and space of the Habs forwards and didn’t allow them to pick up speed. You can’t wheel around someone when you look up and you have a monster in your face. Can anyone say footsteps? HUGE hits on Patches got the boys going and you know he’s always going to put his body in front of pucks. Maybe this entire season was a minor step back for a major comeback?

I hate Marc Staal with everything I have. Do not, EVER, mistake that. But last night before the game I decided to jump on board. Positive vibes, am I right?

He played like a very capable defenseman and he even played physical! He may have gotten bullied by Gallagher a bit (5’9 184) but I will take that as long as he’s doing his job. Hey Marc! Thanks for not sucking and doing your 5.7 million dollar job.


The King Returns

For anyone saying Hank can’t do it anymore, do me a favor and rewind this game. What a performance by the King. How about that save on Weber, backdoor on the PP?? A 31 save shutout is exactly what Rangers fans need because let’s face it- When the King is playing with confidence, he is practically invincible. This confidence will inevitably spread throughout the room and players won’t hold their sticks as tight (HEYO). Derek Stepan said, “Of course, in the playoffs you need your goaltender to be your best player. Which he was.”


Couldn’t have been a better way to start a series. Let’s stay out of the box and take a 2-0 lead going to the garden. Here we go boys, 1 down 15 to go.



Author: Ked

1st line thoughts with a 4th line heart. Hope you guys enjoy the site and let us know what we can do to make it better. ALWAYS remember-- When in doubt, glass and out.

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