No Pasta Dish Too Expensive

The Boston Bruins have been quiet since free agency opened up on July 1st, Signing two depth guys that nobody remembers to be able to fill in when McQuaid or Miller inevitably spend 20 games each on the IR this year, or for when when one of their six 4th line wingers go through an inevitable “slump” for about 50 out of the 80 games. However this doesn’t mean the Bruins don’t have business to be taking care of as they still have to hammer out a contract with 21 year old superstar David Pastrnak.

David Pastrnak, THIS. KID. IS. A. STAR. Watch him just one game, one game and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Pasta creates plays out of nothing, his hands are like magic, he can cut, dip, dive, juke, do just about anything to get around the defender. And thats not all, in the off season when the Bruins told him he needed to get bigger and play tougher this kid came back and started battling and going into the corners like a bat out of hell, he’s a battler. And I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet, have you seen this kids attitude? The constant smile on his face? You can just tell that he’s a guy that goes into the locker room willing to scrub the floor if his team would ask him.

Now it was joked and rumored that the Bruins locker room was one of the last “old school” rooms in the league back in the early 2010’s. A room that was run by men and rookies came in, shut up and were better seen not heard. The room was run by battled tough guys Zdeno Chara, Shawn Thornton, Marc Recchi, Johnny Boychuck, Andrew Ference, Lucic and on and on. It was rumored that these vibes put off youngsters such as Tyler Seguin, and Riley Smith, and I believe it was Riley Smith that came out at one point and said that there was a divide in the Bruins locker room, nobody knows exactly what he was talking about but it was sensed to be a divide between the young and the old. However David Pastrnak seemed to be the one to come in and change this. He brought a shot of youth to the Bruins grizzled vets with his contagious smile and happy go lucky attitude. It was him that really brought the room together, allowed other young guys to feel more comfortable and help push the Bruins back into being a place young players wanted to play again.

Not only is he an important part of the locker room and a team first guy on the ice, Pasta also has the stats to back it up. Two years ago he was the youngest player in the NHL, and I think its safe to say looking back Pastrnak is either the best or second best player to come out of the 2014 draft so far and he was drafted 25th overall. Since the lockout season of 2004-2005 he joins the likes of Sidney Crosby, Patrice Bergeron, Toews, Kopitar, Malkin, Monahan, Ovechkin, Stamkos and Skinner as the only players to reach 30 goals and 60 points before the age of 21… now that is some elite company. His point per 60 min of 5v5 played has been top of the league every year he’s played, and I mean top as in elite company once again. His possession numbers also dominate the charts as well but he did play all of last year with Perfect Patrice so there should be an asterisk for that. All in all Sweeney and the Bruins need to pay up for this kid, but how much is the question, he’s going to get at least 5 mill per year, any less than 6 is a steal, between 6 and 7.25 is where I expect it to be however I wouldn’t be shocked if he ended up getting over 7.5 with all the lucrative contracts that have been handed out this offseason (Thanks Peter Chiarelli).

One thing working for the B’s are the players they already have on contract, Marchand is at a very affordable price for a 40 goal scorer (around 6.5) and Pasta has to justify getting more than him somehow. Bergeron is around 7 mill somehow, actually its because he’s a nice guy and when he went into the contract negotiations and the Bruins laid a blank check in front of him and said write what you want he wrote 1 large pizza. The thing going for Pasta is other contracts handed out to comparable players around the league, however with all of this I’m predicting at the end of the day the two sides reach a deal somewhere around a 6.5 mill for 7 years mark, and that should make everyone very happy.


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