The Penguins Need to Sign Jagr


The only word to describe Jaromir Jagr is legend.  Points? 1,914, good enough for second all time. Goals? 765, good enough for third all time. Assists? 1,149, good enough for fifth all time. Check out his penguins stats.

Jagr Pens


I mean, are you kidding me? I don’t think I’ve put that many pucks into a net throughout my entire poor excuse of a “career”. Games, practices, pregame warm-ups, open nets, literally EVERY puck I’ve touched wouldn’t come close to these numbers. It’s OUTRAGEOUS what this guy has done and meant to the best game in the world. As a Rangers fan, he single-handedly saved our franchise from more and more years of demise AND he did all of this with probably the best style in the game.





I have to start tucking my shirts into my pants. Bring that back!

Yes, he’s old. Yes, he’s not as fast. But you know what? The guy is one of the hardest workers to ever play the game. The guy is still a playmaker and can puck protect better than anybody I’ve ever seen. Put him on the PPer with Crosby, Malkin, Kessel and Letang and watch the points go up even more. The guy doesn’t even have to be a 5v5 stud to be effective. Hell, you can put my 8 year old cousin next to Crosby and he’d put up a 20 goal season.



Also, a big reason why I want Pittsburgh to sign Jagr is so I can stop hearing about Marc Andre Fleury. I am so done with this guy being glorified as the best human of all time. Guys—The last two years, Fleury has been a back up goalie on a team with Crosby, Malkin, Kessel, and Letang. It’s been said that Fleury agreed to waive his no trade after the season instead of being traded at the deadline. The reaction of this has me befuddled. People are pumping this guys tires like this was such a hard decision. NEWS FLASH- any team that doesn’t have those players listed above would actually be a significant downgrade. Fleury chose to win another cup with a stacked Stanley Cup contending team instead of being traded to any other team in the league. That, right there, is called being smart not being loyal. Not only does he win another cup, he also increases his clout 10 fold. Hopefully Jagr signing with the Penguins would put a stop to the shrine of MAF that Pittsburgh will undoubtedly debut at some point in the near future.


Pittsburgh, I don’t know how you can do it but it seems simple: Sign Jagr, go back to back to back, and let him ride off into the sunset. First and foremost, I’m a Rangers fan so obviously I’m hoping they win the cup. However, if they get eliminated, I wouldn’t be against Crosby handing the cup to Jagr one last time. This way next summer you guys can drool over someone who actually is worthy of your drool. Damn, you can even name the rink after him, I don’t care. That right there is something I can get behind.

Author: Ked

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