The Offside Review Needs to Die IMMEDIATELY

Now the NHL came out with a statement yesterday that actually got my blood boiling. Mention the rule about goals being overturned, by reviewing a missed an offside call earlier in the play, and I will argue, swear, debate and fight with anyone as to why that is the stupidest rule to ever exist in the history of hockey. Oh you just cycled the puck in the opponents end for 20 seconds to set up a nice goal? Think again that goal is overturned because 30 seconds ago Slim Speedy over there crossed the blue line before the puck. As a Bruins fan I feel as though the B’s definitely got screwed over by this rule the most during the year, (if we had the stats per team I’m almost positive it would back this up but I’m too lazy to do it) and it also bit them a couple of times in their playoff series against the Sens. (See game 5 OT)

“if theres a human element let their be a human element, if we’re going to fix all the missed calls using replay, then lets fix ALL the missed calls using replay.”

Now what does the NHL have to do about this already shitty rule? How about come out and make it even shittier. That’s right the NHL came out and said today that if a coach challenges offside on a goal and he gets it wrong his team will now be penalized…. How does this solve anything? They know that all teams have people now hired to be reviewing every goal right after its scored, and if it’s offside they tell the coach to challenge it, meaning he will almost always get it right. Pretty much I see this as the NHL saying hey look, we know this rule sucks, so let us try and fix it,  meanwhile completely missing the point. Listen I’m not saying that if a goal is scored on a blatant offside that it shouldn’t be called back- BUT I think there are some very clear ways to fix this that the NHL could and should implement, for example: (assuming the play is a missed offside call entering the zone)

  1. 8 second rule- If the goal happens more than 8 seconds after the offsides, its a good goal.
  2. Team possession – if the defending team gains possession, then turns it over again and the other team scores, its a good goal.
  3. If the player offsides has no influence on the play resulting in the goal then it should remain a good goal.

This would still allow goals directly influenced by the offside, while taking away all those bullshit call backs.

MY LAST AND MAIN ARGUMENT THAT REALLY GETS MY BLOOD BOILING is for those that argue well “if it’s off it’s off and sometimes the refs miss it” .. NO, fuck you, why don’t we just get rid of the refs altogether then? The human element is still apart of the game. My case in point being game 6 in the finals, deadlocked at 0-0 until Nashville scores to make it what is appeared to be 1-0, we all remember that right? Well the goal gets called back because the ref lost sight of the puck and blew the whistle as the play was made to put it in the back of the net (that’s important to remember). Now we compare that to an identical play that happens to Buffalo earlier in the year and that goal ended up being reviewed, overturned and called a good goal. The same identical play! We also remember Subban scoring in the finals and having it be overturned by a missed offside call correct? So, why is it ok to blame the mistake on the Pens game 6 goal and allow it due to “human error that’s apart of the game” however on the Subban goal we go back and get rid of that human error? Both were due to the ref not seeing the puck correctly. All I’m saying is if there’s a human element let their be a human element and if we’re going to fix all the missed calls using replay, then lets fix ALL the missed calls using replay.



KEDS NOTE: G, I love the blog. I’m actually wondering if we’ve seen a clear angle of Forsberg being conclusively offside against the Pens in the playoffs or if we are all going to pretend that the NHL isn’t Pro Pens. Let me know.

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