The Head of The NHL’s Department of Player Safety: George Parros

Yeah, that’s right. This George Parros.



Before I talk about Big George taking the reins, I just want to say how happy I am that the rat Stephane Quintal is gone. The head of player safety probably shouldn’t be biased towards a team. Check out this from the NY Times in 2000:

Checketts, scheduled to join the Rangers in Washington on Monday, suspended Quintal on the advice of the assistant general manager, Don Maloney. In an interview with the French-language daily La Presse of Montreal earlier this week, Quintal said he erred in signing with the Rangers last summer and wanted to return to Montreal.

”My heart is in Montreal,” Quintal was quoted as saying.

Quintal, 31, is from Boucherville, Quebec. He played with the Canadiens the last four seasons before signing a four-year, $11.4 million contract with the Rangers.

”All I know is he doesn’t want to be a Ranger,” John Tortorella, the interim coach of the Rangers, said before making his National Hockey League coaching debut today. ”What Mr. Checketts did is right. He sent him home.’’

You may think I’m reaching but Brandon Prust (MTL) was suspended only one game for taking Derek Stepans (NYR) head off in the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs.



Seems a bit fishy eh? Hey Stephane, take a hike you LOSER. Anyways..

George Parros may make you think of nothing but punching things, which is a valid point. What you may not know is that he is a Princeton graduate. Ivy League, ever heard of it? As an enforcer, Parros has been around the dirty areas of the ice a time or two and will be able to judge the most important part of a suspension. That word is intent. There have been plenty of suspensions in the past that leave you scratching your head. The NHL claims to come down harder on repeat offenders but never actually do so. How many times has Marchand done something scummy and only got a game or two? (sorry Hal)

Now that we have the big dog in office, he’s also aware about the other bullshit around the league that goes unnoticed.

“We used to be worried about headhunting and major things like that,” Parros said. “Now we’re worried about slashing and some more minor infractions, you might say. So the game’s in a good place. There doesn’t need to be a huge shake-up, a huge change in philosophy.”

In mens league, one of the only things the REALLY pisses me off are slashes. Such an underrated way to really piss somebody off or hurt a player. I mean, look at what Crosby did to Methot this year.



I wonder how Methot feels about this.


Fair enough.

In the end, I think this is great for the NHL. They now have a competent individual judging what should or should not be in the game. Sometimes the best way to judge something is to put yourself in that situation, and for that reason there is no better violent gentleman to be judging a group of other violent gentleman.


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