My Quick Take on the 2017 Leafs Rookie Tourney




Hi everybody! Just wanted to give my quick take on what I saw while watching the Leafs games during the 2017 Rookie Tournament.

Even though the team didn’t win either game, I saw a lot of positives for many of the prospects. The ones that seemed to get most attention from people in the media were Liljegren, Dermott, Nielsen, Bracco, and Grundstrom.

Anybody that’s been on Twitter saw that Liljegren had a brutal first game but then got a lot better in the second. He looks like he’s got a ton of potential and can really wheel up the ice.

Dermott was sick for the first game, but looked pretty good in the second. He seems to have a lot of poise and was definitely, in my eyes, the best D the team had during the tourney. I can totally see him making the Leafs this year. He has to be better than Marincin right?

Nielsen was pretty much what I’ve heard. Looks like he’s got a ton of upside but needs a bit of spit and polish. I think he’s got a real chance of making the team after another year with the Marlies.

Bracco was good. After everything I heard about him and saw last year during the Memorial Cup, I was expecting a bit more I guess. I suppose it’s not his fault  if there is a butt load of  hype prior to a rookie tourney. Grundstrom is the kind of player I like. He’s physical and he can score. He’s got a grit grinder attitude to him that I absolutely love.

The biggest surprise to me was Marchment. He was a very noticeable, very physical C and even showed some offensive potential. If he makes the NHL, he strikes me as a gritty 4th line guy that can pot a goal here and there.

I was hoping to see Brooks but no dice. He has mono and Ian Scott seemed to have a good second game after letting in a bunch of goals against the Habs. Other notables were Timoshov, Dzierkals and Moore.

Even though the team lost both games, I wouldn’t say any of the players were really struggling, but some were a little underwhelming. Now we just have to wait and see if any of these guys can surprise at training camp and crack the lineup! Talk to you then bahds.



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