The wait, anxiety, nervousness and any creeping thoughts that the Bruins would mess it up with another young superstar, like they have with so many others, is over! Don Sweeney has somehow swindled his way into a very good deal with a 21 year old 70 point player David Pastrnak. The deal is reported to be a 6 year deal worth 40 million dollars or $6.66 million annually. WHAT A BARGAIN– I’m talking Ocean City Job Lots type bargain. Lets not just sit here and pretend that Pastrnak isn’t a game breaking force- the kid is going to be around 80-90 points every year before he’s done and with average salaries increasing every year, this will be an unbelievable steal in years 4,5 and 6. Listen, if you had to ask the very serious question on who would you take, Mcdavid for 13 mill a year or Pastrnak AND Marchand for a combined lower price, I’m sure we’d all end up picking the best player in the game today, HOWEVER you would have think about it.

The only thing I don’t like about this deal is that Pasta is going to come out of it at a ripe age of 27. This will land him right in his prime as an unrestricted free agent, and he will be due for a HUGE payday. I would have liked to see the deal be 8 years allowing the Bruins to eat up more of his UFA years, but the kid has finally signed!

Lastly and obviously, this is huge for the Bruins and Bruins fans moving forward. With Pasta, Marchand and Bergeron all on “hometown” deals, it allows the B’s to be able to sign up coming stars such as McAvoy and Carlo on the back end. This deal makes it appear likely that the Bruins will have another Stanley Cup window at the end of the Bergeron era. That right there, is something I can get behind.

Blessing you with Pastrnak Highlights…Now.



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