Bruins Give Newfie Legend Teddy Purcell PTO

Lost in the wonderful news of the Pasta signing, the Bruins have given veteran forward Teddy Purcell a chance to crack the lineup for the upcoming season.

Purcell first busted on the scene as a 21 year old freshman at Maine, where he won Hockeyeast Rookie of the Year. From the moment he stepped foot on NCAA ice it was evident that the guy shit out pure skill. (as seen on this Motorola flip phone quality video)

From there he went on to be the AHL rookie of year for the Monarchs putting up 83 points in his first campaign. He didn’t catch his big break untill he was sent to the lightning for face-off superstar Jeff Halpern. He caught fire on the jump start lightning group that went all the way to the 2011 Eastern Conference Finals, losing to the Bs. He followed up his almost point per game playoff performance with a career high 65 point season in 2012.

After leaving the lightning in 2014, he bounced around from non playoff teams and his production dipped. Last year he mucked it up in the AHL and was still a point per game guy.

So why did I think this ho hum PTO was worth blogging? Because the guys got IT. Teds got a high hockey IQ and some unbelievable hands. He is a player that makes those on his line excel and pump in more ginos then they probably should. You can slot him on the half wall on either power play unit, and he has the ability to play up and down the lineup on both wings.

With guys like Bjork, Heinen, JFK, Debsrusk, Senyshyn, trying to crack the lineup, some might be pissed thinking “Here go the god damn Bruins not giving the fucking kids a chance again.” But I think it doesn’t hurt to have a guy there that you can plug in when the young guys go on their cold streak. There is nothing wrong with a rookie watching some games from the press box or seasoning their skills in the AShow.

Not to mention, he’s a huge beauty. Just like most guys from the Maritimes he’s a big time locker room guy. Heres what his coach in the AHL last year Mike Stothers had to say on him:

“I don’t think you can put enough importance on what Teddy’s brought to our team,” head coach Mike Stothers said. “Here’s a guy that’s had a real solid NHL career and he comes down and you might think maybe he’s just gonna go through the motions but he’s brought a real energy to our team. He’s a real character, funny guy. He’s really embraced himself with his teammates.

And heres an all timer of a story told on reddit:

So it was around 1:30 in my bar when I heard that the Edmonton Oilers were in the building. Now I’m a fan of the game, but I’m not RIDICULOUSLY starstruck when I see the players.

So 2 am rolls around and I don’t see any of them. But then as I’m cleaming my bar, two tall, handsome guys come up with two girls (not the most attractive) just absolutely hanging off them. I can’t serve any more liquor as its after last call, so they’re just hanging out. All of a sudden I hear “hey,” I look up to see one of the guys beckoning me over. “My friend thinks you’re hot,” he says. “Her?” I asked. “No, him” and he points to the other guy who nods. Now I’m a straight guy, but I am not ashamed to take a compliment. This guy’s is tall, handsome, and probably gay. I’m flattered. “Thank you!” I shout. “He’s hot too!” And I go back to cleaning.

Two minutes later, I hear another “hey,” from the same side of the bar. This time it’s the one who thinks I’m all that. “I like your hat” he says. God the compliments are just flowing in and I’m becoming even more flattered. “Thanks,” I say again, beaming, “it’s from mexico,” under the impression that this gay guy finds me ridiculously attractive.

“My name’s Teddy,” he says as he goes for the handshake. (I later realized that this was Teddy Purcell, right winger for the Edmonton Oilers). “Nice to meet you, my name’s how_majestic.” I offer him my hand, he grabs it, pulls me in real close and whispers in my ear “I’m only doing this to get rid of the girl behind me.” And then I burst out laughing.

And that’s the day I was hit on by an Edmonton Oiler.


Point being, with so much uncertainty and young talent being infused in the bruins lineup, bringing in a Newfie with a good sense of humor and the ability to chuck beers back with the boys will bring nothing but positives to the lineup. Plus any adult that goes by Teddy, Bobby, Robby, Billy, etc. is a fucking wildcard.

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