Funny Tweets: Marty Goes on Waivers

Hey everybody, as everyone knows, I’m not the biggest fan of Stinky Marty Marincin. I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but as an NHLer, he stinks. Here are some funny tweets that show I’m not alone with this opinion.

OK, this is pretty vain, but I’ll start with one of my own.

The next one might be one of the funniest ones I’ve seen yet. It’s like getting back together with that terrible GF you should have never dated in the firs place!

This guy might even happier than I am!

Even Jagr looks happy!

Another beauty tweet, even incorporating some terms we used to use for Phaneuf.

This guy Drag is always trying to be a comedian.

Here’s Jason doing his impersonation of Carnac the Great.

Camillo uses a great GIF to show how we are all feeling.

And of course we will always hear these words, cos you know, Corsi.

This is the only way I can express my delight right now. Of course, he could clear waivers and then come back up to haunt us. but, let’s not go there.

#CousinEddieLeafs #budsallday

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