Roy, Subban, Galchenyuk. Who Does Tremblay Drive Away Next?

If the name Tremblay sounds familiar to you and you were wondering why, and you don’t believe its from any of the recent issues in the news, its probably because he is the man responsible for the Canadiens current “curse”. That guy on the other end of Patrick Roy’s infamous stare down, the man that tried to big dick Patrick Roy, the man that ultimately led to Roy being traded from the Montreal Canadiens and leaving them Cup-less for the longest period of time in franchise history. Perhaps the biggest mistake in the most storied NHL franchise’s history was because of this guy! Tremblay was a newly hired coach during that historic moment, the guy that left Roy in one game to get lit up for 9 goals before pulling him, a new coach trying to make a statement that he called the shots. Well after that game Roy stated that he had played his last ever game for the Habs, walking away from the organization and bringing three Stanley Cups with him.

Seriously how much can one guy hurt an organization? It came out recently that Mario Tremblay made a comment on a Montreal radio show that struggling Habs forward Alex Galchenyuk has twice sought help in order to help him with some substance abuse problems. Pretty much saying to the hockey world that hey look this kid has personal problems and he’s sought rehab, trying to use this along with his on ice struggles to try to paint the picture that hey this kids struggles in this city are mainly because of his bad personal choices.

This is the exact thing that causes guys to not seek help, this is what causes guys to wait until its “too late”, this is what gets guys killed. You Mr. Tremblay, are a straight up piece of shit.

This is beyond f%&*ed right up if you ask me, who the hell is Tremblay to come out and oust a player for seeking the help he needs? This is the exact thing that causes guys to not seek help, this is what causes guys to wait until its “too late”, this is what gets guys killed. You Mr. Tremblay, are a straight up piece of shit. Players are given a phone number to call for substance abuse and are told that if they call it will be completely confidential, as most people would be embarrassed if that information got out to the general public as well as family and friends. The fact that Tremblay not only knew this information but then also made a public statement about it on a radio show is beyond me.

Listen this also isn’t the first time Tremblay has come out and caused controversy over players before, in 2015 he was arrested for a drunk driving incident (See piece of shit comment above) and while dealing with the cops he told them that they were “exercising   poor judgement, like P.K Subban”, this comment shows he was not fond of Subban or the decisions he made. What happened less than a year later? P.K, one of the most talented defensemen in the league, was traded.

Galchenyuk is a 23 year old kid, drafted third overall in a city that has possibly the highest expectations for a single sports team in North America. This has created a surreal amount of pressure and almost a fishbowl like experience around him. In fact this fishbowl type of environment is what has caused a ton of players to actually shy away from wanting to play in Montreal these days. Lets be honest Galchenyuk will probably need to be moved to another city for a fresh start if things don’t straighten out for him this season and thats probably for the best. However the Montreal fans and media all need to learn that if they want to make Montreal a desirable place to play again they all need to stop the way they treat their current players.


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