Another Fucken Brutal Start Leads to Leafs Loss vs Kings

Hey everybody, my God these late games are somethin’ else eh? I’m glad they only do this trip once a year. Before I begin, I just want to say if you think this loss is because of McElhinney, watch the game again. Sure, he could have been better, but he was nowhere near the main reason for the loss. So let’s get at ‘er.

To begin the scoring, Gardiner blows a tire and then Amadio for scores LA at 2:34 of the first.  Analytics guys hate Polak but his analytics friendly partner was the one that ‘assisted’ on that goal. Just saying. Cammalleri scores at 4:58 on PP  to make it 2-0 after a JVR slashing penalty then Kadri can’t clear the puck and it’s 3 zip with 35.5 seconds left in the first.

All three goals are basically DMac being hung out to dry, the Leafs being easy to play against AND breakdowns in the defensive zone. Could the Leafs use some better defencemen? Absolutely. But that’s not the only problem here. It’s team defence as well.

As we look at the second period, LA scores their fourth with 5:29 to go and their fifth goal of the game with 3:28 left in the second, both by Toffoli. The second Toffoli goal one being another fucken defensive breakdown.

Leafs finally get on the board with Matthews’ 10th goal with 2:10 left in the second off a penalty shot.  Then Matthews sets up Rielly for for his second and the Leafs’ second goal with 1.5 seconds left in the period. In the words of Ray Ferraro, there is nothing that Matthews can’t do.

Brown gets his fifth of the year for the Leafs third goal at the 12 minutes mark of the third.

Last night was a perfect example of why the Leafs need to make a move to improve their defence if they want to do anything in the playoffs. I don’t have to tell you that defence is even MORE important in the playoffs.

Some stats from last night

  • Gardiner was a minus 3
  • Matthews had 6 SOG, 1G 1S for 2 points and was a plus 2
  • Connor Brown had the most shifts for a forward with 26
  • Zaitsev had the most TOI with 23:00
  • McElhinney stopped 23 of 28 shots for a save % of 82.14
  • Leafs out shot the Kings 36-28

Hopefully the Leafs have a better fucken start against the Blues on Saturday. I hope one day soon Babcock figures out why the team gets off to bad starts so often.

Just to finish, and leave you with a smile, it could be worse. I’ll just leave this here.

CousinEddie#Leafs #budsallday



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