Clayton Keller: NHL Rookie And/Or Badass of the Month

So it was announced on Nov. 1 that Clayton Keller has been named NHL’s top rookie of October, but are we really shocked at all?  I mean of course there’s a solid group of rookies this season including Mikhail Sergachev and Adrian Kempe, but Keller has been an absolute beast without question.

Not only is the 19 year old forward leading all rookies with nine goals and 15 points in 13 games, he also had a seven-game point streak in the month of October and was tied for sixth in points on Wednesday.  I’m sorry, but that’s insane.  

AND he has almost every female hockey fan falling in love with him… like the kids an absolute stud!


Just incase you haven’t seen what this animal can do here you go:








He’s unreal!  Seriously, he moves past vets and just racks up points like it’s nobody’s damn business.

To give him even more credit, even though it’s not necessary, HE IS PUTTING UP THESE NUMBERS FOR THE COYOTES.  Anyone remember the last time the ARIZONA Coyotes were good? Or ya know, won the cup? Oh yeah, NEVER!  It must suck to be 1-11-1 and the worst team in the league, but if I were being looked at as the “future Patty Kane” I don’t think I would mind too much.

Okay, that’s a lie.  We all want to win a cup.  I have never played hockey in my life (nor is it a possibility since I’m a girl) but even I want to win a damn cup.  However, Keller is 19 with hopefully many more years to come living the professional lifestyle so he will have his shot.  For now, kid should just continue doing what he has been doing because it’s obviously working in his favor.

Author: KB

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