Howies Product Review: BUTTENDZ

So last night I got to check out the BUTTENDZ stick grip and let me tell you what, I won’t be going back to tape anytime soon. The application process is pretty easy as you just spray some liquid on your stick and inside the grip and then slide the grip onto your stick and let it sit overnight. Check out this video if you don’t believe me.

It had a pretty good feel in terms of feeling natural through the glove. This is definitely something that will help eliminate the need to re-tape your twig constantly. As for looks? How about fire flames.

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 7.25.24 PM.png

It also proved my initial assumption wrong that it might get slick if wet, as sure enough it didn’t give me any issues. All in all, this was a good alternative to tape. It can help eliminate the constant taping of your butt end as well as help reduce tape waste by a large amount. I can also see that this will help the wear and tear on the inside of your mitts. These type of grips are becoming more and more popular, so go get your hands on one of these sweet looking, reusable grips made by BUTTENDZ. They are extremely affordable and will save you time and money you don’t need to waste on tape. So take the time you would use taping your stick and the money you would waste on said tape, and snag a pitcher of Pre-Game Molson and try wheeling the bartender.

Go Get That Grip!


Author: Cooner

Hey my name is Cooner and I am a blogger for The Morning Skate who sleeps with new hockey equipment. I hope you enjoy some profanity filled thoughts of mine as well as honest opinions and ideas about hockey and life. Hope to share some great stories and get some laughs.

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