Leafs vs Wild Fan Pre-Scout

Hey everybody, changing gears for a bit, I’m gonna try to give you one stop shopping for all the info you need BEFORE instead of AFTER watching tonight’s game. The Leafs face the Wild at Home.

The Leafs need to fix this stat.

I’m sure you already know this by this time:

This happened yesterday but he’s not in the lineup:

Leafs lineup looks like this.

But if it was me I would put the lines like this


As best as I can tell by looking around the inter-webs, the Wild lineup will look something like this. (click link)


Which Wild players to look out for?

  • # 40 Devan Dubnyk will be starting tonight.
  •  # 46 Jared Spurgeon leads the team D with 10 points
  • # 12 Eric Stall leads all forwards with 9 points
  • # 10 Chris Stewart leads the team with 6 goals
  • # 20 Ryan Suter leads the team in ATOI at 26:25, 2G 6A for 8 points and a -3

My prediction for tonight is 3-2 Leafs.

Oh, and this too.

CousinEddie#Leafs #budsallday #GoLeafsGo

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