Do the Leafs Really Need Martin in the Lineup?

Hey everybody, I’m back with another quick entry in the blogospshere. My latest thoughts have been about whether the Leafs really do need Matt Martin in the lineup or not. His signing on July 1st 2016 was, at the very least, very polarizing.

Not to pigeonhole people too much, but you had the analytics people screaming on Twitter that signing him was a big mistake and it seemed that mostly everyone else was cool with it. So here’s how I see it.

Listening to Mike Johnson on Leafs Lunch yesterday (TSN 1050), he was really adamant about the Leafs not needing him in the lineup. Saying, and I paraphrase here -‘Matt Martin has played exactly how they want him to play….I don’t think he’s yet so important that he can never not play..and it’s a good thing that they look at different options.’

Which is fair and with the depth of young forwards the team has they should. Johnson also went on to say that he feels that in no way is there a correlation between Martin being in the lineup and his presence ‘keeping the flies’ off of Matthews, Marner and Nylander.

Some people who were arguing the other side, so that the team should have him in the lineup, I found weren’t getting their point across very well so I sent this:

I’m all about people having varying points of view as long as people are respectful to one another. What I can’t stand are tweets like this.

Very fucking ‘professional’. (shakes head)And no, I don’t pretend to be professional here. 🙂

Anyway, I know you have all heard or seen the different points of view on this topic so ‘ll try to not beat this to death.  I’m mostly here to vent, Did I say that?, I mean give my point of view on this.

The way I see it, is some nights you’ll need him and nights you won’t. If they are playing a team like Carolina, you don’t need him. If they are playing Boston, and we saw the physicality the last time they played, they do need him. If they are playing the Oilers with Lucic, yeah you definitely need him but if you’re playing SJS (I cn’t think of a scrapper on that team), you might want to put someone else in.

I think once the playoffs roll around, he’ll play a lot less unless the opposition starts really getting rough, then he’ll be inserted into the lineup.

Maybe I’m old school,(and I don’t mind saying that because I think it’s a good thing in this case) but I miss a team having a tough guy in the lineup. It doesn’t have to be a guy that only fights but can do other things.

Even Domi, one of the toughest Leafs ever, could score goals. I’m not talking line brawls or staged fights here, but I miss seeing a good fight about once a game. As I’ve told several people in real life or on Twitter, I’m about 2 or 3 rule changes away from ignoring the regular season and just watching the playoffs.

So if all that affects my opinion, so be it. A chart full of stats telling me that the team is better without Martin in the lineup won’t come close to changing my mind. The way I see it,  hockey is entertainment and just because you like to see a fight doesn’t make you a ‘neanderthal’ as some ‘hockey fans’ will tell you. The league is so sanitized now, you barely see any fights anymore anyway.

Just a ‘what grinds my gears’ entry here, If there is one thing that ticks me off about writing these pieces, it’s people that yip at me and give me their two cents about the title yet haven’t read the articles. I’m sure every blogger gets that though.

So on that note, tell all your friends to click and read when they can. It’s free. 🙂 Thanks for reading and I if I  could ask you to retweet this by saying if you think Martin should be either: (It gives me a better idea of what the readers like, and that’s the whole point here)

a) always be in the lineup

b) depends on the team the play


c) he should be in the press box most games now

Thanks again and thanks for all your support.

CousinEddie#Leafs #budsallday

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