Figuring Out What to Get Your Mom For Christmas? Look No Further. Hockey Moms Aren’t Crazy!

The only thing in life I love just about as much as hockey is Christmas. Every December 1st I change my name on Facebook to James Claus. I do daily eggnog reviews and wear different Christmas socks for all 25 days of Christmas. Some people may call me Ol’ Saint Ked but that is neither here nor there. I am here to tell you about the MUST HAVE gift for hockey moms this holiday season.

I know sometimes it is hard to Christmas shop for a mom. She has done whatever she is capable of doing to help us live the best lives we possibly can and I feel like we all should wish we could give them the world but that’s just not possible. What is possible though, is putting a smile on her face. This book 1000% will do so.


Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 1.48.16 PM.png


What I enjoy about this book is that it is for every single hockey mom out there. You know those hockey moms who can have a tendency to be loud and obnoxious and sometimes a little bit over the line? They can read this book and say to themselves, “Yeah, I’ve been there.” And on the other end, do you know those moms that keep to themselves and just watch everything else unfold? My mom was like that. She would have a different story about a different hockey mom every game and she would love it. This book is for them as well because they can laugh and snicker to the accuracy of the words on the pages. Oh, also, ever heard of a guy by the name of Mike Eruzione? Yeah, he gets interviewed towards the back of the book telling all moms how much they mean to the hockey community. You know, the guy who won the 1980 Olympic game against the Soviets. Pretty legit.

This book brings a funny light to the world of all hockey moms. Again, if you are a mom and your son or daughter has played hockey, you can 100% reflect on your passed experiences. To me, that is priceless.

Quick shoutout to Jody Anderson for sending us a copy earlier in the year. A+ Book from an A+ hockey mom. Thank you!


If you’re interested in purchasing a book for your mom these holidays you can check them out here:

Barnes and Noble



You will NOT regret it.

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