ACHA Beauty of The Week: Utah State Colter Pritchard

I was checking out the ACHA website earlier today and came across an article talking about how Utah State swept the Beehive showcase and were poised to be ranked number 1 in the West Region of ACHA Division 2. After reading that, I didn’t have to go that much further to discover the Beauty of The Week. Before I get into that, let me make this clear, I’m a big tournament guy. There’s nothing better than being on the road in the ACHA, crashin’ hotels with the boys and swiping right on a new potential sea of tinder matches. Tournaments are a time that can help a team develop the right kind of chemistry to help make a run. It’s all about coming together as a unit and living the god damn dream. I then checked out Utah States Roster and Stats and check out this Colter kids numbers:


Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 12.53.52 PM.png


These are GAUDY fucking numbers. In a league made of odd man rushes and zero to none type of backchecking Colter the kid is sporting a 7-0 record with .925 save percentage. Utah State seems to be blessed with fantastic goaltending with Colter being one of their 3 goalies regularly used. On top of this, he seems like a good kid.


Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 12.56.27 PM


Theres not a shot in the world I would be mentioning anyone but myself if I was rocking this kids numbers. “I’m the best, I win the games, I am Utah State” would be a few of the things I would mutter to myself after sporting a 7-0 record but not everyone is an asshole like me. Where would they make such a humble kid like this? Oh yeah, Alaska.



I’m not entirely surprised. If you’ve ever seen Mystery Alaska, the goalies have an uncanny knock to make a great save. To be honest this also explains why he’s such a team guy. We all remember what happened the last time an Alaskan goalie wasn’t FTB.


Colter, congrats bud. Keep kickin’ and go Aggies.

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Author: Ked

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