My Quick Look Around the League

Hey everybody, I’m back with my current takes on the Leafs but also a quick look around the league to see what else is happening. As Leafs fans we already know that they are in second place with 35 points in the division, third place in the league and have one of the best goal differentials in the league with 15. (Tampa is first with 28) For what it’s worth, I feel that that is the most important team stat.

I’ll start with the Habs. It looks like they are starting to get their shit together. Price is playing like the Price we know, but don’t love, and not like the hot garbage that he was at the beginning of the season. They currently have a 5 game winning streak and an improved differential of -8. They are in third place in the Atlantic with 29 points.

The Red Wings are starting to play more like I expected at the beginning of the season. They are currently going in the shitter with a 7 game losing streak. They are still ahead of the Sens, the Panthers and the Sabres.

Speaking of the Sabres, I’ll just leave this here. it pretty much explains everything.

If I wasn’t a Leafs fan, I might actually feel bad for their fans, but I don’t.

Columbus is starting to pick up their game and have gone 8-2 in their last 10 to take first place in the Metropolitan division. When I do get to watch some of their games, Werenski and Jones are usually major contributors to their wins.

The Flyers are a really sad bunch lately. They’ve lost 10 games in a row now. I watched them yesterday and they were brutal. The power play really sucks and the only thing anyone really did well was Simmonds getting into a scrap in the first period. They lost 3-0. If their coach isn’t fired soon, I’ll be very surprised.

Vegas is still hanging in there, and by hanging in there I mean that with a loof points,  but they’ve lost 3 in a row. It wouldn’t surprise me if they start coming back down to earth now after that great start to their season. Having said that, they are on pace for roughly the same amount of points as the Leafs.

The Coyotes are starting to get their shit together too. They have gone 5-4-1 in their last 10 and should pass the Oilers by early January. The Oilers are only 6 points ahead of them with 24 compared to 18. With Larsson and Talbot on IR, I’ll paraphrase Mr Lahey from TPB by saying  ‘they’re about to enter the shit storm to Oz.’

Speaking of which, if the Oilers finish bottom 5 and end up with Dahlin at the draft, we’re all fucked. Not just the Leafs, but every team in the west all season. Then whomever they meet in the final. Although something tells me Chiarelli could still screw up that team.

Now a positive story in the west are the Winnipeg Jets. They’re 7-2-1 in  their last 10, have a goal differential of +18 for the season and have a record of 9-2-1 at home. Right now they look like the team that could win the west in the playoffs.

Returning back to the Leafs, it’s nice to see that they are getting contributions from a lot of different players. It’s great that they are doing so well in the standings and that they are securing themselves a playoff spot. (Yes, I know it’s still early)

They are even winning most of their games without Nylander and Marner producing at full capacity. Keep in mind however their point pace is roughly what it was last year, I just think a lot of people just assumed it would be greater this year. I for one, love Mike Babcock’s line combinations and the amount of time allocated to each player. 😉


Have a good one.

CousinEddie#Leafs #budsallday


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