David Leggio, The Goalie Who Knocks The Net Off On Breakaways, Could Be The Team USA Goalie In The Upcoming Olympics

Davey Leggio is an absolute legend. Having said that, I’m sure some of you have no idea who he is. Some people judge players on statistics, cups, awards but I judge them based on how many rules were created because of them. Sean Avery was one of my favorite players and the fact that he had the NHL create the Avery rule just added fuel to the fire. Anyways, this is what David Leggio is most known for.



This all started back in 2014 when Leggio said no thanks I’m full to a 2-0 against the Springfield Falcons. How many fucks were given here? How about negative zero infinity thousand. While we thought this was laugh out loud funny stuff, the AHL disagreed. After this took place, the AHL decided to make a rule forbidding this to happen. If a goalie were to do this, then the goalie would be tossed and there would be a penalty shot. I bet the AHL are super fun at parties.

Now let’s fast forward to 2017.



Hahahahahaha this guy is fucking crazy. Yeah, let’s hop over the pond and do the same damn thing. I’m sure Leggio read the rule book of the DEL league before he signed and was like, “Oh fuck yeah, they have no idea what’s about to happen.” A guy with something like this in his back pocket is incredibly dangerous. Bottomline, this guy fucks. Think about the balls you would have to have to do this in a PROFESSIONAL hockey game. The DEL, like the AHL, made a rule change after this and the Leggio rule now applies in foreign land. If a goalie knocks the net off on a breakway the opposing team is awarded a goal. For the love of god, can we please just let Leggio live?! You know how there’s always one dickhead in beer league that attempts to do the exact same toe drag every single time he has the puck? Yeah, well Leggios toe drag is tossing the net off and into the corner and I LOVE IT.


What’s next for Leggio? How about the Olympics. Yeah, Leggio has been named to Team USA’s preliminary roster for the Olympics over in Pyeongchang. So my question for you is, do you think the IOC is reading through the rule book in preparation for Leggio? I mean, can you imagine if we had another classic USA v Canada or USA v Russia (Olympic Team) and Leggio wins the USA gold for throwing the net in the corner? Listen, if you’re not cheating then you’re not trying. Gold is gold baby- USA, make it rain.



ALSO: How can you not love this guy?

Author: Ked

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