Could Babcock Be Human? Nah….

Hey everybody I’m back with another quick look at the Leafs and this time I’ll focus on all the love that Babcock’s been getting lately. OK, maybe not really love, but more like a lot of frustration many fans are experiencing with his coaching style or coaching decisions.

Does anyone that complains about Babcock really think that they would be a better coach than him? No. At least not the sane ones. But just because you know that you can’t do a better job overall if you were behind the bench, it doesn’t mean that you can’t question his decisions from time to time.

I remember when the Leafs first got him as the coach I was overjoyed. And you know what? I still am and so glad he’s the Leafs coach! I wouldn’t trade him for any other coach in the league. Yet at the same time, I don’t understand some decisions that he makes regarding ice time for certain players (Komarov) or some line combinations. And no, I’m going to make line combinations here. 🙂

Here is a rational conversation between two fans that I felt was interesting.

Piggybacking on this  a little. It’s like everything else in life. You get something and you think it’s the greatest most infallible thing in the world and then when you have it for a while, the luster starts to come off a bit.

But more than just having a situation where familiarity breeds contempt, the defensive style of the team is starting to wear a bit on fans. Once the fans grew addicted to the run and gun style of the team early in the season, Babcock put the breaks on that. Now the team uses more of a dump and chase system is not as entertaining. Hopefully it wins more games than it loses. When I see tweets like this, I just hope he’s right.

Another frustration you see among a lot of fans is with Bozak. or as many people like to call him, Blowzak. As much as he has been a good soldier for the team, most of the time, I think he’s at the end of the road now. His effectiveness is going down the shitter as far as I’m concerned.

This more or less summarizes most of the tweets I see concerning fans’ frustrations with Babcock lately.

What I  find is that you get a lot of people at both extremes of whether or not they criticize Babcock. You can criticize or second guess what Babcock’s decisions are and still REALLY LIKE HIM. (like me)

If you criticize EVERY SINGLE THING he does for whatever reason (just because it affects your favourite player for example), I think your criticisms have more of an agenda. I doubt they’re not just concerned about the Leafs in general.

I know most blogs have a hot take on things and maybe this middle ground I’m going to take is too ‘meh’ but fuck it.. I think somewhere in the middle, the team will infuse more offense while keeping a defensive style of play. I think you will still see vets get a lot of ice time until their wheels fall off. I think Babcock will play Komarov until it looks REALLY bad, like worse than now, then he’ll cut down his ice.

I also think eventually after trying all of these recent line combinations, he will settle on certain lines like he did last year. Even though Babcock gets paid a shit tonne of cash to coach the Leafs, he is a fallible human being just like the rest of us. (He probably disagrees) If you’re one of those people that goes overboard with anger when something isn’t going your way with the team, take it easy on yourself and remember Bryz’ words of wisdom



Have a good one and enjoy today’s game vs the Hurricanes.

CousinEddie#Leafs  #budsallday


P.S. Some words of wisdom here.


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