Leafs Twitter: It’s Only Game, Why You Heff To Be So Mad?!

Hey everybody, I’m back with a quick look at what I find is a bit of a disturbing trend with Leafs Twitter. Everything from people screaming about bottom pair defencemen all the way up to Lou Lamoriello and Babcock needing to be fired. OK, maybe not Lou., at least not on my feed.

And I’m not talking about getting a little pissed because Gardiner served up another pizza up the middle, but relentless criticism of Babcock’s decisions, Polak, Komarov and Bozak.



Before I continue, I really want to stress that this is not judging anyone because I don’t feel like it’s my place to tell anyone how to be a fan. That’s a very subjective thing, especially when it comes to Twitter. I told myself that I write a bunch of hot takes for this but be a bit more rational. You have the option to unfollow that person and not expose yourself to the misery and so do I.


Trust me, based on what I’ve read, the tweets I will point out are nowhere near the worst. In other words, I’ll try to help you to not lose your mind or having complete meltdown by giving examples of rational tweets.  Unlike what I do when refs make a bad call.



I’ll start with Polak. This reasonable take is from someone who doesn’t like him BUT doesn’t look like he’s having a meltdown.

or this one

See?! These are people expressing their displeasure with players without looking like they need both talk therapy and perhaps some medication.

Now let’s look at a couple of tweets from people that aren’t happy with Komarov but don’t come across as people that look like they have major anger issues.


And for players we’ll finish with one about Bozak. Once again, seemingly rational tweets again voicing displeasure without sounding like they’re losing their sanity over his poor performance.

Now as for Babcock, seriously, I’ll admit I don’t quite understand why he does certain things. And by certain things, I mean a lot of things. And by a lot of things I mean over 50% of things. But then again, I have to give him the benefit of the doubt with his coaching record. The way I see it, you can’t have in your head that his decisions are terrible until you see where they end up by season’s end.

If the Leafs fall short of your expectations, not the one the mainstream media tries to tell you should have, then I suppose then you can say his decisions should have been better. If they are met or exceeded, then he’s done a pretty good job.

Now I know if you’re reading this you have probably seen the ‘FIRE BABCOCK’ tweets. I feel this is a pretty good response to those tweets


But I never see fire Lou tweets. Except for maybe the occasional sarcastic ones. Which tells me I probably a lot of the right people on Twitter.

The long and the short of what I’m trying to say here is, if you find yourself obsessing or getting into a rage about the Leafs and it last for maybe a day, 2 days or longer, try to take a breath and try to remember that as much as we love hockey and the Leafs, it is after all just a game

Have good one and enjoy the game tonight.

Next piece I’ll look back at my standings predictions from the beginning of the year. it will confirm what everyone known from the start. That I rarely know as much as I think I know about what the fuck I’m talking about. But unlike most other people, at least I admit it.;-)

Cousin Eddie#Leafs

Disclaimer: While I’m not a professional able to asses whether someone needs therapy or medication, by having bipolar disorder, I can usually tell who may benefit from such an approach to mental well being. 🙂

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